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Adding a little backing to Mark's Rock Spectacular and threw in a solo at about the halfway point. Still room left for more! GREAT JOB BY MARK!!! :)


November 14 2015 20:12:35
Looks like I forgot to vote before, but back again - this is totally kick ass!!
+1 November 17 2015 13:43:10 Midoru Haffast
Wow! Thank you SO much for your kind words and support! Can't tell you enough how grateful I am for it!
November 08 2015 12:14:03
Yes Yes have it ...go
+1 November 08 2015 14:38:34 UWE GIESA Haffast
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ha ha :)

I really do appreciate it! This one turned it a lot better than I expected. Have to thank Mark for all his hard work!
November 03 2015 23:19:44
Would definitely buy a ticket to hear you live - great!
+1 November 04 2015 03:09:34 Midoru Haffast
Ha ha! Well thank you for that compliment! I couldn't stand the idea of charging anyone, but I appreciate the idea of it!
October 28 2015 03:09:46
Most excellent guitar glad to se this track is getting lots of attention it was a blast to do thanks for the add Haff :)
+1 October 28 2015 03:57:45 Wikimark Haffast
Thank YOU Mark! This is such a cool track! You set the tone, the pace, the mood... Awesome riffs Mark! You are a master sir! So much talent!
October 26 2015 18:35:55
Great guitar, Haff!!
+1 October 28 2015 03:59:34 TeeGee Haffast
Thanks a lot Strat! Really glad you enjoyed it! Mark made an amazing track!
October 26 2015 15:59:09
+1 October 26 2015 18:03:48 Jens-H Haffast
Mark made this baby ROAR! Thanks for the listen Jens! :)
October 26 2015 15:18:58
Awesome job Haff... fine guitar work as always. So are you going to be in the stadium to watch the Royals win the World Series? :) I'll be at one of the games !!
+1 October 26 2015 18:02:51 Psycho Haffast
No kidding?! Man, that's awesome Psycho! You should be that guys that storms the field naked and gets tasered... We haven't had one of those in a while... ha! :)

Thanks for the listen!!
October 27 2015 00:23:27 Psycho Psycho
Now that would clear out the stands for sure... lol :)
October 27 2015 00:53:40 Psycho Haffast
October 26 2015 14:46:22
Awesome man!
+1 October 26 2015 18:00:37 Girard Haffast
Thanks Girard! Hoping to hear you on some awesome bass too! You've been kicking some serious butt in the bass department! Thanks a lot for the listen, my friend! :)
October 26 2015 20:35:01 Girard Girard
I will give it a go tonight
October 26 2015 20:45:18 Girard Haffast
Awesome! :)
October 26 2015 21:07:52 Girard Girard
I probably won't do it now considering the 3 highly acclaimed adds already done.
October 26 2015 21:50:40 Girard Haffast
I understand completely.

But you can make it four highly acclaimed adds! :)
October 26 2015 22:30:44 Girard Girard
We will see
October 26 2015 14:16:41
Awesome guys - realy amazing!!
+1 October 26 2015 17:59:27 Basster Haffast
Thanks man! I'll tell you what else was awesome - you adding that bass to this!

Basster : God of Thunder!
October 26 2015 11:30:45
Great Haff!! Excellent sound and playing!!
+1 October 26 2015 17:58:03 frankyguitar Haffast
Thank you so much Franky!! Very glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the listen! :)

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