Memorable Pain

Scriptura65 jams
United States
Danalyze451413 jams
step III
United States
Danalyze451413 jams
no additional instruments available so far
post your remix!
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It's open for everything, Keys, Harp, and why yes, of course...more guitars :)
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Sounds like the song Memory Pain a bit :)


Nice and smooth. You've got the hook down Dan. I'd jam with you anyday.+0
very good!+0
Hell yeah! at 1:48 the blood really starts pumping! good one Dan.+0
man.. this gets better every time i play it.+0
yeah this riff sneaks up on you...or at least I tried to make it that way :)+0
superb, your solo at last is masterclass, thanks for sharing+0
Scriptura...would love to do this again with your bass mixed a bit higher in the mix. I tried to boost it with some EQ, but that also brought the drums up too. If you have a chance or the want to...let me know. Would be ultra heavy with that bass up in the face a bit more :)+0
Your lead is simply delicious. This is a strong one for you. The tone is incredible.+0
It's the "Welcome To The Jungle" tone for the lead...sweet kinda Marshall tone with a bit of delay :) Thanks Pete!+0

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