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I don't really know Herbie Hancock. I have to utilize google to atleast know him. So I ended up making my own probably quite far from what this drum track by Martin suppose to be. Hope I did not destroy the template!


Very good!+1
October 29 2015 06:05:01
kennyadry Thank you Paalman! +0
The Boss is Back on the Loops!
How do you do to be so "melodissimo" there always are hapiness and singing in your playing.

I need to change the bass strings ;)

Don't care about Herbie here, that was just the inspiring way of drumming from Martin...
But for sure you have to listen "Headhunters (1973)" album with Chameleon and Watermelon man and 2 others titles
October 29 2015 04:58:08
kennyadry Yeah I think so :) that guy should be very good! Thank u so much Uncle To :) how I missed the loops and all! +0
October 29 2015 05:01:30
Tofzegrit I'm mostly satisfied about this one if you have a moment #53155 +0
October 29 2015 06:03:02
kennyadry Just listened to it! Melodic Orgasm! +1
This is exceptional Kenny ! You really pick melodies that sing and that intro @ 2:00 mark is perfection !! LOVE THIS !! :) :)+1
October 29 2015 05:04:36
kennyadry Thank u so much Rob! :) glad to be back with all of u here! +1
So freakin' Good !!+1
October 29 2015 05:05:10
kennyadry Thanks Cody :) +1
This really beautiful...+1
October 30 2015 00:45:45
kennyadry Thank you famine! :) +0
Very nice)+1
October 30 2015 00:46:31
kennyadry Thank you so much Slon! I am happy a great guitar player came by and listen :) +0
October 30 2015 00:47:13
kennyadry Thank you Franky! :) +0
excellent guitarwork my friend :)+1
October 30 2015 00:47:59
kennyadry Thank you so much RD! Appreciate it coming from a great guitar player as you! +0
This is a very sweetest way to say "hello again my friend", I never get tired to say how I love the way you pick the melody, and you have a very tasty progression that always give a thick sweetness just like a honey to the ears...you are amazing Kenny!+1
October 30 2015 00:50:05
kennyadry Thanks a lot Alice! I am glad for that kind words coming from you! Thanks sis! smile.gif +0
Superb, Kenny :)+1
October 30 2015 00:51:02
kennyadry Thank you Carpenter ! :) +0

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