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Maybe channeling a bit of Pet Shop Boys here? I'm not gonna lie, I'm a fan. Awesome track for me to sink my teeth into, but not to much. Singing through gritted teeth sounds awful.

p.s if anyone feels they can add to this, please do!


October 04 2016 00:45:07
PsychoPsycho I missed this one... one of your best in MHO :)

October 03 2016 22:12:04
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great 80's style !! Super Josh :)

November 03 2015 06:01:07
mpointonmpointon I don't care who you're channeling. This is, frankly, superb, Josh. Yes, I hear a lot of '80s in this tune, but I genuinely don't care. I hear my youth in your voice. And it makes me smile so much.

You are a very, very fine vocalist. Please do not stop adding to the 'Loops.

+2 November 03 2015 23:25:22 mpointonJoshDexter
I think we are all victims of nostalgia. Certainly from a music point of view, it's my favourite time period. Your comment is much appreciated! as for ever stopping... as long as there is music... xD
October 30 2015 00:30:25
KellsBellsKellsBells Very cool, you were born a generation too late! Hehehe But even better yet, you can make this kind of music now when it isn't being done that often. And you rock it! :D
+2 October 30 2015 00:35:14 KellsBellsJoshDexter
Yes! haha Unoriginally original
November 03 2015 06:05:47 KellsBellsmpointon
What Kells said!
October 30 2015 00:14:32
GirardGirard I really really love this. You're great dude. I'll be looking for you more :D

October 29 2015 23:41:14
GirardGirard Great feeling song
+1 October 29 2015 23:59:47 GirardJoshDexter
Thanks, Girard!
October 30 2015 00:00:20 GirardGirard
Yup, I added bass to Mark's. He added keys!
October 29 2015 23:22:09
WikimarkWikimark Great Vocal Josh and Yes I Dig It :)
+1 October 29 2015 23:30:36 WikimarkJoshDexter
Thank you, Mark!
October 29 2015 21:30:25
mike_mp-1mike_mp-1 ahh yes the 80s... great times...

Nice job, you like that era and your voice fits, so keep at it.

+1 October 29 2015 22:33:54 mike_mp-1JoshDexter
I guess I was born too late :'(

Thank you though!
October 29 2015 21:00:00
cody trippcody tripp Awesome Vocals Josh
+1 October 29 2015 22:33:22 cody trippJoshDexter
Thank you, mate!!
October 29 2015 20:16:38
bleymehlbleymehl Sounds great, I feel much younger now :D
+1 October 29 2015 20:22:43 bleymehlJoshDexter
They do say , you're only as young as you feel! xD
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