My Final Battle

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blumartini170 jams Supporter
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this one is a little dark.. wrote it in black crayon..thanks Rob and Basslady... wonderful tracks..


December 15 2015 04:09:49
I don't know how I wasn't following you already- but I have remedied this. :) So lovely. :)
+1 December 15 2015 04:14:51 KellsBells blumartini
Thanks Kells. Means so much... you were the first to ever comment on one of my additions. Means a lot to me. :)
December 15 2015 04:17:23 KellsBells KellsBells
I'm just so sorry it took me this long to realize I had been missing out on your incredible voice. I remember my first comment too, they can be impressionable. :)
December 15 2015 04:18:14 KellsBells blumartini
lol yeah... if you had said something bad.. I would have never come back! haha
December 15 2015 04:20:46 KellsBells KellsBells
LOL Of course to say anything bad would be a terrible lie... ;) :D So glad you stuck around, and now I have another 49 some-odd tracks to catch up on. :)
December 15 2015 04:41:20 KellsBells blumartini
have fun. lol ;)
November 12 2015 17:29:52
Great! Hope you cheer up soon. =D>
+0 November 12 2015 17:31:03 WanHu blumartini
time and tequila... time and tequila. ;)
October 31 2015 18:13:28
oh my goodness, how good! Many thanks!
+0 October 31 2015 18:17:01 jamlady blumartini
thank you and thank you for the wonderful track to work with.
October 30 2015 17:39:21
very touching lyrics, and you singing with so much emotions, so wonderful to listen to this one BM!
+0 October 31 2015 18:16:28 aleonz blumartini
Thank you Alice.. (thought I replied already.. so if double.. sorry) ;)
October 29 2015 22:27:54
Surely not your final battle. Life offers so many ways to happyness. Beautiful song full of emotion my friend.

October 29 2015 21:22:22
great song ....

October 29 2015 20:22:35
cody trippcody tripp

October 29 2015 20:17:48
Wow. Very well sung, lyrics are great ... fantastic track.
+0 October 29 2015 20:21:44 DannyK blumartini
thanks danny

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