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I dedicated this little song for my beloved grandpa, these last few days I was a bit mellow of missing him so much, I knew him for just about 8 years, but he means the world to me.

There was one night before he got sick, we sat out side his house, I sat on his lap, and we watched the stars in the sky, he told me,
"Alice if I'm no longer with you, just find me there...I'm one of those stars, just sing out loud and see the one that shine and clinging to you, and you know I'm there looking at you, so don't you dare to given up your dreams". That night stayed in my heart forever, I remember all of the things he said and thought me.

When I listened this beautiful song from Marc, all of my feeling for him just explode and I just need to sing out to him.

Thank you very much :)


January 14 2017 16:38:45
Stunning. The harmonies with the piano are easily one of the best things I've heard on Wikiloops ! :)

September 15 2016 17:31:21
Oh my.This is beyond earth. What a fantastic composition. The piano and the song (voices) is making a whole that´s unbelievably. The best word that can find is Thank you. :)

June 17 2016 00:45:02
Excellent! I love the melodies, lyrics, and chorus you make, it's so delightful!, and over Marc's song is even better!

May 09 2016 18:51:42
Marcelo DMarcelo D
This is beyond beautiful.
This is so touching that no words can describe it.
I can feel all your love overflowing in your voice and words.
I am your n°1 fan Alice.
You are just an incredible person and artist.
I feel honored to be able to listen to your songs.
Thanks a lot.

+1 May 09 2016 22:07:38 Marcelo D aleonz
Hey glad you found this one, he was one person who makes me believe in my dreams..wish he was here ...thank you so much Marcelo, well you know i'm a big fan of yours :)
February 21 2016 04:04:12
If angels exist, I think that you are one.
+1 February 21 2016 09:16:09 ROBJOL aleonz
you are too kind, thank you very much Rob
November 12 2015 08:28:43
impresionante voz y armonias, maravillosa
+1 November 16 2015 04:56:04 carlottis aleonz
Thank you Carlott!
November 11 2015 11:43:44
Alice dear,in the record use an harmonizer ,a software type melodine,or you record voice.The backing vocals are wonderful.
+1 November 11 2015 15:46:37 lele49 aleonz
Hi Lele! nice to see you, and thank you for listening the track...

I never use any plugin or software, still using an old fashion which is manually record all my voices and i always do 2 different take for each track of my harmonies, to panning it into left and right. for this song I have 7 vocals harmonies so it's 14 tracks harmonies on this song :)
November 11 2015 20:58:45 lele49 lele49
Thanks dear Alice,the effect is wonderful,We have many things to learn from you and your simplicity and availability, which is not common to all musicians, brava
November 11 2015 11:23:19
Alice,the phrases of your granfather is in the hearth of all musicians.Thanks I am a lot affected.

November 07 2015 03:33:01
Just great Alice!
+1 November 07 2015 08:56:56 jamlady aleonz
Thank you very much Claudia!
November 06 2015 02:27:43
How did I miss this...Beautiful!
+1 November 07 2015 08:56:39 Acousticeg aleonz
Thank you so much A

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