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Hey thanks to those of you that still listen to the first track I uploaded, even though it was a solo bass. A terrible, terrible solo bass. I decided to revisit the tune and come up with some more structure. Tell me what you think, BE CRITICAL!!!


November 02 2015 16:30:36
hehe... genuine critical feedback...well played with right notes... well done! ..but, like OliV wrote, you could leave more oxygen to the track... and I would try another recording techniques - to bring presence to your sound and dynamic as well (less compression for example)... but these are the nuances, which you can learn here on wikiloops... so welcome onboard! :) ...and try to play your tuba too ;)
+0 November 02 2015 17:13:34 TomasFoe Schifftacu
Music is 80% notes and rhythms, the other 20% are those nuances that make it an art form. I'm going to first try and write some better lines, then i'll learn about better recording/mixing techniques. Thank You bery much!
November 02 2015 17:54:46 TomasFoe TomasFoe
I am looking forward to it :).. and don t forget tuba! :D
November 02 2015 16:18:05
From what I hear here there is a remarkable bass player! Great job and welcome! :)

November 02 2015 16:00:02
Well played Bass line

November 02 2015 15:58:27
Hop hop hop !

November 02 2015 15:54:59
Absolutely fantastic groove! :) Well done! Nice tone, a late welcome to the Loops from me. :)

November 02 2015 12:47:59
nice bass ! if you want my critical ear then here it is : your line is fine and well played though for an optimal groovy effect i'd let it breath a touch more ;)
+0 November 02 2015 15:33:47 OliVBee Schifftacu
Breathing, eh? Not the first time i've heard that. Ya know, I played sax and Tuba in schoool for 10 years and I always found it interesting that the director would have all the percussionists breath with the group. I know that's not exactly what you meant, but I still find it interesting. To your point - the spots we don't place is just as important as the stops we do play. Thanks for the feedback, hopefully I work on it!
November 02 2015 10:38:56
Cool. good tone as well.

November 02 2015 08:29:59
Very nice, can not find..... :)

November 02 2015 08:16:27
You have a very good groove and choose some very fine tones! It's an awesome bassline!
If you want me to be very critical, I would have taken some more balance in the number of notes you are using here... it's almost a solo throughout the track. My personal favorourite is a very tight groove with some freaking of the bass at some points!
But hey... you wanted us te be critical!
great job and I hope to hear more of you at the Loops! A warm welcome!

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