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SupJax170 jams
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98db. 128kb. 138,5bpm. don't ask :)
Extern record, HTC Desire Z, 3 tracks, classic, tapping, stereoleads go 2:30
The 3rd time recording and multitracking my own acoustic, lowest level. Records belong to a little gaming group at midnight, soloing a halfish bottle rum. Without concept, i haven't played this -hack&slay- style before, and jammed along the lazy classic mono chord. Ready to open Audacity, don't know what happened next.

it's cool to make a crazy song this way, it sounds very awesome the first time, qualities, master, technics, but it's sad to have no idea about arrangement and progress. could have saved me a lot of time. without project data i'm clueless about this nice sound, at 128kb? and i don't remember playing leadguitar this way. so. it's not a perfect song. at least a surprise. and definitely crazy


April 30 2017 08:52:27
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very well:)

June 01 2016 03:30:17
This is really good Sup... you should do more of this stuff !!
+1 June 02 2016 00:22:38 Psycho Psycho
then I must go hunt them down :)
June 01 2016 14:46:03 Psycho SupJax
i did lol. most if them are shared @ Wikiloops. but this is the most 'skilled' one, so they say. it's simple, only 3 different chords for mid, and random tapping. it was a very lucky record
March 10 2016 19:34:59
this one is really good. Nice song my friend!!
+1 March 10 2016 20:04:54 Guadaña SupJax
oh thx! :D
January 19 2016 19:45:04
Klasse ;o)
+1 January 19 2016 23:55:40 Uloisius SupJax
ein hoch auf den rum :D danke
December 15 2015 01:09:26
wow! great stuff my friend!
+1 December 15 2015 03:49:50 KMstar SupJax
would like to hear some stereo bass :D
November 03 2015 22:57:13
richtig geile Sache .... aber wie ich sagte.... :)
+1 December 14 2015 23:34:24 frankyguitar SupJax
glücklicherweise sind wir bei Wikiloops, nicht bei radiokonformination. so give it a try :)
November 03 2015 03:36:09
toll- und super ist auch die Aufnahme/Mix :)
+1 November 03 2015 04:13:20 abuitremorem SupJax
recorded with HTC Desire Z. in use for about 3 years, screen broke ;|
November 03 2015 21:15:22 abuitremorem abuitremorem
Ich werd verrückt :)))))
November 03 2015 21:44:17 abuitremorem SupJax
gab nie ein gescheiteres handy. 600 bugs, zurecht :) usual process; video record :V -> plugin device running hard disk drive / use sd card external -> FormatFactory wav -> AudaCity clean out noise for 30 mins -> run MusicMaker if not alrdy drunk
November 03 2015 23:01:26 abuitremorem abuitremorem
Für mich ist das innovativ und das gefällt mir sehr ! Kompliment
November 03 2015 02:28:48
I like it man, nice picking there

November 03 2015 02:05:50
Really good stuff in it ! Keep it up !
+1 November 03 2015 02:11:22 MasterK SupJax
oh, that was quick. thx, guess, it's hard to wake up next morning and notice a new acoustic song you made. i threw the records into Audacity, that's all i remember :)
November 03 2015 02:16:09 MasterK MasterK
Well, no matter how, do it again sometime ! :)
November 03 2015 02:17:14 MasterK SupJax
lol i try every weekend

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