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This was recorded on a vhs cam back in 1996, the band was called Model Citizen , it's an original we wrote as a band so I want to say thanks to my long time buds Darryl on guitar and vocals, Rob on bass, machine gun Mark on drums, Jim on keys and me on guitar and vocals, sounds a bit rough


February 24 2016 03:32:46
Wishbone Ash Revival !
+2 February 24 2016 03:33:48 Tofzegrit Rockzilla
Thanks Tof, good memories man :)
February 25 2016 02:07:48 Tofzegrit Relativity
I am a huge Wishbone Ash fan. I must have had 13 copies of Argus.
February 24 2016 03:30:04
Great vocals!
+1 February 24 2016 03:33:02 Relativity Rockzilla
That's not me singing this track, that's my buddy Darryl , I'm doing the deeper voice but thanks any ways
February 24 2016 04:12:51 Relativity Relativity
I meant over all as a band. The vocals stand out more then anything.
February 24 2016 05:38:30 Relativity Rockzilla
I knew that man :) thanks for listening, it's cool to dig up old stuff from time to time, i couldn't get this link to come up you posted ... y-1989
February 24 2016 13:51:03 Relativity Relativity
February 25 2016 02:07:00 Relativity Rockzilla
Cool Journey cover
November 04 2015 20:07:20
Very good
+1 November 13 2015 04:20:31 paalman Rockzilla
thanks a lot for going down memory lane
November 04 2015 01:09:20
Real cool Rock, thanks for sharing.
Like the tune !

+1 November 04 2015 01:18:13 MasterK Rockzilla
thanks MasterK :)
November 04 2015 01:19:24 MasterK Rockzilla
I'm a bit nostalgic at times
November 04 2015 01:25:03 MasterK MasterK
It is such a coincidence,
I was having a yard sale the other day, and ran across a couple of my VHS band days. "FLASHBACK" was the name. LOL :)
November 04 2015 01:26:50 MasterK Rockzilla
that's always cool, I've got some footage from my alice cooper clone band days too, think that is from 94
November 04 2015 01:32:56 MasterK MasterK
Super Cool, Love me some AC.. "I'm Eighteen !" lol. and Poison !
November 04 2015 01:37:54 MasterK Rockzilla
Funny you say that ... ... I'm the guy singing
November 04 2015 01:43:28 MasterK MasterK
Hey, that is good stuff !
Drinking or not, you were hittin' some good notes ! The lead player was good too !
November 04 2015 01:46:46 MasterK Rockzilla
there was a delay in going on stage, so we said F*** IT and started drinking
November 04 2015 01:47:34 MasterK Rockzilla
It was actually almost 4am in that vid
November 03 2015 20:05:40
Good for a VHS recording :)
+1 November 03 2015 20:15:20 Psycho Rockzilla
I remixed it the best I could
November 03 2015 17:34:15
I love stuff like this. I too cut my teeth on the Chicago Rock circuit. Have a ton of stuff like this. I dont miss the lugging of amps and ahole band members.I do miss the electric nights of a great gig and the sweethearts hanging around after the show! What fun times hearing this brings back! I had one gig , we were so poor, I rented drums on credit. The drums ended up being tossed into a pool, the next day I dragged the entire se in leaking water all over the music shop floor, along with the bass I had smashed which was now two pieces.Never paid a cent for any of it as the owner knew he couldnt get blood from a bunch of rocks! The owner was so mad he kicked me out and told me never to return. Ahhhhhhhh Rock and Roll!
+2 November 03 2015 17:36:38 Relativity Rockzilla
I'm laughing so hard right now, what an awesome story
November 03 2015 17:40:20 Relativity Relativity
My rock and roll heathen days... 1986
November 03 2015 17:43:33 Relativity Rockzilla
sounds cool what did you use for recording gear
November 03 2015 17:51:21 Relativity Rockzilla
My band back in high school in 1986 was an alice cover band with me on vocals, my very 1st band ...
November 03 2015 18:34:27 Relativity Relativity
Ha! My first was a Zep band. Back then we had Fostex or Tascan cassette tape recorders or optional open reel. I was fortunate someone restored hours of stuff digitally a few years ago. The recording above was just a radio shack cassette recorder on top my Ampeg or Kustom cab. I just found out a few weeks ago , a goof friend of mine whom called me up after two years. Is now lead singer of Kansas. Ronnie Platt. He called me and I asked " so what's new?" He had to tell me three times as it didn't register. I know the guy very well.
November 03 2015 19:36:34 Relativity Rockzilla
Kansas wow
November 03 2015 17:27:21
+1 November 03 2015 17:32:21 Midoru Rockzilla
Thanks alot

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