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New kit set up. Back down to a four-piece kit but with the snare miked top and bottom again. I dropped one of my SM57s on the hard floor in Urft and killed it so I'm a mic down. I also set up my Yamaha snare as a second snare to the left of the hi-hat. It's not miked up but the overheads pick it up but it's off to the right of the stereo image making it sound like my main snare is echoing (unintentional!).

Anyway. Didn't know what to do here, so I just free-formed my way through the piece following the structure. Cue lots of frilly bits and just generally messing about with time going for a spot of fusion silliness. I was trying to get an almost arhythmic but dynamic feel to the fills. Ultimately, it's all a bit random and I've no idea if it's any use!

I played the whole track using traditional grip as I find it more expressive than matched.


No reverb on the HD drums.


November 12 2015 01:20:31
hey mr p... are the snare mice set out of phase? if not probably should be...sounds kinda ...dunno strangled maybe.
loving the patterns though... might even have a go!

+1 November 12 2015 15:25:53 kimbo mpointon
I checked the project and the bottom mic has its phased reversed. I've been having some phasing oddness from my overheads which I need to deal with. The snare had a lot of damping on it though.

Does sound a bit dull though, you're right.
November 09 2015 22:58:43
Métronomus fantasticum ! ;)

November 05 2015 08:32:12

November 05 2015 01:11:36
Cool track Martin and Marc. Some real nice stick pattern work from 2:00 - 2:30.
I like this mucho gusto :)

+1 November 05 2015 03:34:54 Davnel99 mpointon
Thank you, Davnel for your kind words. So hard to tell for me!
November 04 2015 22:36:55
What a contrast to the previous post! Such creative rhythms all making sense with a beautiful flow. Was going to download, but like this duet and wouldn't want to hide or clutter what is so good.
+1 November 05 2015 03:35:50 Wade mpointon
Please add! I hope the drums aren't too silly for you! Please! Pretty please with sugar on!
November 05 2015 22:23:55 Wade Wade
The drumming on this makes total sense to me (am I twisted?). Will download...no promises.
November 04 2015 21:54:23
this giving me the feeling a live jamming sessions Martin, just play on and that is super cool!

November 04 2015 20:36:59
absolut cool ;o)

November 04 2015 19:56:03
So many great fills. Amazing!

November 04 2015 18:42:07
The "man´s drummer" perfect time , sound and percussion phrasing

November 04 2015 18:24:11
Oh yeah! You did it again Martin! Very cool rhythm for this track! I love your timing and ways of accenting the different parts! You made this track much more workable for bassplayers! Thanks for your cool musical ride! :)
+1 November 05 2015 03:31:36 Marceys mpointon
SOOOO glad you like it, Marc (I'd hope you'd say if you didn't). I don't know, I just felt like going a bit mad. But in a dynamic way. I think it's a bit too silly in places - too many breaks from the beat. But I it was so refreshing to just go with what I felt!

It was too easy to play normal time, which is what I'm supposed to do! I wanted to push myself. :|
November 05 2015 16:42:21 Marceys Marceys
please don't ever think that you are supposed to do something in some way! It's also cool when a track is going an direction you didn't expect sometimes.
Love it man! Thanks a lot for the great music!

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