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This was hard to record. Very hard. I don't usually have a problem locking onto the delay from a guitar but once it's turned up in my headphones for recording it gets very muddy in my ears. With no click, it's entertaining, that's for sure. The lead line also drowns out the echo part making even harder to lock on. With this sort of delay forming the rhythm of the piece, drifting out of time is a no-no. Took three punch-ins to complete the track.

I'm guessing the lack of adds to this excellent track is due to people waiting for drums? I hope so!

I'm no U2 fan and I certainly don't have any Larry Mullen Jr hats. But I tried to find one anyway. Basically gone for a 'standard' U2 style of playing: four-on-the-floor kick, 16ths on the hi-hat, alternating to playing the floor tom. I hope it's worked.


No reverb on HD drums.


November 27 2015 23:58:39
tron12tron12 yep cool kenny and martin

November 05 2015 08:34:03
kennyadrykennyadry I guess we need a Bono now :) May it be a man or a woman!
+1 November 05 2015 13:53:02 kennyadrympointon
And a second 747 to fly their hat in on.
November 05 2015 08:32:58
AKchenAKchen awesome ....

November 04 2015 23:56:27
PsychoPsycho :) excellent !!

November 04 2015 22:40:33
WadeWade You gave yourself a very tough assignment on this one...but man, how you shine! Such a beautifully snappy rhythm that locks that sound in for others to follow.
+1 November 05 2015 02:57:46 Wadempointon
Thanks, Wade. It's what I hoped to achieve. I wanted drive and power but I found it surprisingly difficult to manage it! I use to play in a band with a delay-obsessed guitarist so shouldn't struggle but it was so much harder than I thought.
November 05 2015 22:22:12 WadeWade
I hear you! My guitarist partner of many years occasionally goes there. Have to figure out where those beats start and stop as well as a line to fit over the top of all that mess.
November 04 2015 22:13:03
aleonzaleonz I remember listened to kenny'track, and i try to picturing that track with the drums, and I was like ...Martin will nailed this one! and here you are..excellent!

November 04 2015 20:02:37
paalmanpaalman Very good

November 04 2015 19:59:07
pklieschpkliesch What a great track, Martin!

November 04 2015 19:57:58
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

November 04 2015 18:53:18
MarceysMarceys This is a quality track again! Super for the rich guitar template of Kenny! Love it man!


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