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Great piece of funky bass from Paul. I used this for an exercise in self-restraint. One of my worst habits is playing random lines on the bass drum and not really sticking with what should be played. So here, I try to keep the kick drum nailed to the bass guitar for the duration. Otherwise, it's straight time. Enjoy. No reverb on HD drums.


Welcome back Martin - Always great to have you make me sound good ;) - Seriously - great add as usual!!+2
November 05 2015 00:22:14
mpointon Thanks, Paul. Don't like being away from the loops for too long! +0
e very excellent compliment for the great bass line, wonderful play Martin!+2
November 05 2015 03:07:35
mpointon Thank you. I appreciate it, Alice! +2
Very cool MP! Great sound as always+1
This is great drumming and suits the bassline so good!+1
Locked in tight!+1
nicely tight :)+1
great Martin+1 tight to the bass!+1
November 05 2015 03:08:15
mpointon Thank you for playing the same pattern throughout! ;) :) +0
November 05 2015 07:25:01
PaulBOwens It was the only one I knew.... ;) +0
Very solid stuff+1
Nailed is the operative word.+1
November 05 2015 03:06:17
mpointon Thanks :) I do enjoy 'basic' tracks like this where it's not what you play but how well you play it. I find this kind of self-control far harder! :| +1
November 05 2015 20:16:37
PaulBOwens ...and that is something I work on too Martin - trying to play a simple pattern is usually more of a challenge than improvising too much +2

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