Cut To The Bone v2 with bass

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Bass and drums backing track for "Cut To The Bone"
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sad, country


Hello maxxxie, welcome to wikiloops!

Nice start here, I like your template :)
this is a nice little piece, composition wise. To be brutally honest, those midi sounds really don't work for me :/ no offense meant, a real bass ... you know what I mean :)+1
November 05 2015 10:41:13
maxxxie No offence taken! The song was written by a classmate in my guitar school, and this is the bass part I created for it. I uploaded this for my classmates to practice with, since we only play together once a week. I needed something in a hurry, hence the MIDI. I take your point, though. I'll see if I can post an actual bass recording later :)

As a newbie bass player, it was a good exercise for me to take an existing song and create a bass part for it (that's what you hear in isolation here). I'd be interested to see how others add their own music to this bassline.

This site has really helped me learn about artistic interpretation. I love listening to people's remixes.
November 08 2015 04:29:29
maxxxie Here's an updated version, with an actual bass :) +0
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