Star(Fish and) Chips Trooper

+ 17
Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!
Come on, jump in the crazy Starship!
Join the Crew
Destination Anywhere

Slava is the commander, Martin is the Engine Propulsor, I've tried to kill monsters but we need some help

Very nice jam guys
Have a look on the first template from Slava, He put a link to his own version of this!


November 06 2015 21:19:55
MarceysMarceys You must have some blisters again after this track! cool slapping Tof! :)
+1 November 06 2015 22:09:46 MarceysTofzegrit
No blister with slap only with hard fingered playing 🚑
November 06 2015 13:09:21
mpointonmpointon Nice one, Tof! Slap-tastic! Great 'twang' to the sound! New strings?
+1 November 06 2015 14:23:38 mpointonTofzegrit
No new strings but try with the 6strings then record with the 4... Half size neck so Twang :)
November 06 2015 08:15:41
LieschingLiesching Yes! This is exactly what I needed to find the way out of my bed to Face a foggy November Morning! Thanks, Tof!

November 06 2015 07:49:09
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very Fine !! The expert for Funky Laser Weapon Systems is on Board , no mercy for monsters! :D

November 06 2015 05:55:22
HaffastHaffast Nice! Bringing the fuck it to play! Great job everyone! Tof, way to rock that bass! :)

November 06 2015 05:04:33
FrankieJFrankieJ Slap it padre! great Tof.

November 06 2015 02:08:49
sfikssfiks Thumb from me!
I didn't know you can play Bass, Christophe. So energetic.

+1 November 06 2015 03:12:20 sfiksTofzegrit
I'm in my "low frequencies" period !Thanks for your music !
November 06 2015 00:01:39
PsychoPsycho The Admiral Tof title fits for sure... excellent :)
+1 November 06 2015 01:12:48 PsychoTofzegrit
I'm just in charge of the plasma shield and the machwing guns :)
merci Psy
November 05 2015 23:49:16
cody trippcody tripp Awesome Bass

November 05 2015 23:45:01
WadeWade Killing monsters indeed! Big smiles and a thumb to those monsters.


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