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Wonderful evocative track from FrankMil. Guess I'm back to the ambient "mellows" Sax enters at 1:53. Off to New Zealand tomorrow, so will be the last from me for a while.


October 18 2016 23:01:02
MalCoMalCo Super chilled...beautiful add Wade...skillfully played AND mixed...love it many listens and playlisted.😁
+1 October 19 2016 02:11:12 MalCoWade
Nice that you found your way to this oldie. It's a special one that I really enjoyed playing. Thanks as always for your listens and support.
October 15 2016 23:28:10
InklessInkless Super sweet ! excellent work ! :)
+1 October 16 2016 00:31:26 InklessWade
Thanks Inkless. So glad you bothered to explore this track and took the time and effort to say something. Cheers!
August 14 2016 23:28:12
ivaxivax fantastic Wade :)
+1 October 16 2016 00:32:22 ivaxWade
Thanks Xavi. This one is special for me, so knowing that it touches others is also special. Thanks!
October 16 2016 01:01:40 ivaxivax
is fantastic duo,dear Wade :)
October 16 2016 23:46:44 ivaxWade
My Dear Xavi. It's hard for me to say how much I would have liked to have had a week to just play with you and find those musical connections that I know we have. I hope that the opportunity will come again.
December 23 2015 14:36:55
Mike_66Mike_66 Nice combination you both delivered here. Thumb up! I would love to heare some of your saxability on my track #59171
+2 December 23 2015 19:49:16 Mike_66Wade
Thanks Mike. Not sure you'll like what you get back...not your typical jazzer sax player.
December 23 2015 20:40:55 Mike_66Mike_66
surprise me :-)
October 16 2016 23:45:08 Mike_66Wade
Not sure you got that I played this under my "other" identity. I think you liked it, but not sure as you never asked me to play another of yours.
November 07 2015 19:05:11
LutzLutz Masterly from both of you, so sweet from the soul. And I just discovered FrankMil!
+3 November 07 2015 22:26:39 LutzWade
Thanks Lutz. Yea, Frank is another fine Australian muso who comes up with wonderful tracks. He's got heaps that should work for you. Jump in...
November 07 2015 14:02:44
ShiShi lovely dreamy feeling to this one, floating away on the soft sweet sounds from you both Frank and Wade :) Have a safe trip Wade :)
+3 November 07 2015 22:24:55 ShiWade
Sweet Ms Shi. Glad you like. Trying for a vocal like quality on this one that just compliments the template.
November 08 2015 11:28:34 ShiShi
real nice work there Wade :)
November 07 2015 09:27:47
UloisiusUloisius absolut cool music ;o)
+1 November 07 2015 22:21:58 UloisiusWade
Thanks Uli. Very kind of you to listen and comment.
November 07 2015 09:16:16
PhénolPhénol Panda has struck again :=)
Excellent Add Bravo !

+1 November 07 2015 22:21:35 PhénolWade
Thanks Phenol! One (minor) correction the avatar is a koala...an iconic animal from Australia. They are very cute (not like me at all!)
November 07 2015 23:18:40 PhénolPhénol
You make me laugh :)
i know it and don't understand why i wrote Panda ...
November 08 2015 21:12:23 PhénolWade
If you were old (like me) you'd have a good excuse.
November 07 2015 08:13:57
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very appropriate and nice add:)
+1 November 07 2015 22:18:18 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. Soft percussion add?
November 07 2015 05:43:30
AKchenAKchen lovely piece of music :)
+1 November 07 2015 22:17:50 AKchenWade
Ah Ms AKchen, you are such a lovely supporter. Greatly appreciate your listen and comment.
November 07 2015 22:23:25 AKchenAKchen
I really love your adds :)
November 08 2015 21:11:24 AKchenWade
Very touching of you to come back again and say something so nice. Thanks AKchen.

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