Safe Return Home

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I loved this so I thought I would write a few lyrics to go along with it. I hope you don't Mind. :)
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very good singing and welcome on wikiloops:)

and I love RobJol´s songs and I am a regular band member:)

AND I meet him in real live at the wikiloops fest. that's the best on wikiloops:)
good job, looking forward to hearing more+1
November 07 2015 22:23:35
Charity Thanks so much!!! I am new to this site but i love it so I will definitely be doing more with you all... <3 +1
November 07 2015 22:30:30
Rockzilla I find this site addictive +0
fantastic voice, I am glad that you decide to upload this song, welcome to loops+1
November 07 2015 22:29:27
Charity Thank you so much! +0
What a surprise! Great voice. Welcome to WL+1
November 07 2015 22:34:15
Charity Thanks hun! You have some amazing music that you have created... +1
Great first one, Charity! A new wikistar is born:)
Welcome to the loops!
November 07 2015 22:43:45
Charity Awww Thanks Hun! :) +0
November 07 2015 22:46:12
Charity To be honest I almost didnt upload it...I wasnt sure how people would react. But you all have been super nice and very welcoming so thank you all so much for that! +1
Always great to hear another female vocalist on the wiki.Great singing nice emotional push.D+1
You're voice And singin' is so very good. Will hit the loopers like a bomb :) Trust me :)+1
November 08 2015 00:39:01
Charity Thanks so much +1
This is cool! Great singing and welcome to the loops!+1
November 08 2015 00:40:32
Charity Thanks I'm glad to be here +1
pkliesh hit me about you ;)
Cool vocals Charity, welcome!
November 08 2015 00:40:09
Charity Thanks so much for listening 👏🏼💗😊 +0
Hi Charity! Thanks for going thru the effort of posting this! Welcome!+1
November 08 2015 00:39:49
Charity Thanks for listening 😃 +0

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