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Well it's that time of year when the Hallmark Channel starts showing all those sappy Christmas movies for the women. And my wife has to watch them all. So for the next few days I guess I'll be recording a lot...well except tomorrow morning cause the Oakland Raiders will be on TV so she will get the 'Cody Christmas Ban' for 3 hours so I can watch my team. Hey that's just the way I roll. ha ha
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December 04 2016 04:21:10
JeebsieJeebsie Can't believe I've missed this! Killer!!

November 11 2015 22:14:25
akethesnakerakethesnaker Hallmark hahaha. Killer!

November 08 2015 21:39:34
BalfoBalfo Strike!

November 08 2015 19:27:57
GatorblueGatorblue Cody...I'm a Raiders fan from way back, even though I've lived in Cowboy land all my life. I go all the way back to the Lamonica-Ben Davidson days. It hit me hard when Snake passed this year. Love that team---glad to seeing them finally coming back a bit. -- Gator
+1 November 08 2015 20:57:34 Gatorbluecody tripp
I became a Raider fan is '67. We've seen all the great plays, teams and players. It's been real hard since 2003. But we are turning it around FINALLY ha ha
November 08 2015 17:35:13
bhunt1bhunt1 great southern rock jam - love it!

November 08 2015 17:18:18
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great news Tom, I don't know the Hallmark Channel, but love it, LOL;) we need this stuff here too, so I have nothing to do for my wife, LOL
Great stuff here, really realyy good!! :)

November 08 2015 17:08:54
BassCookBassCook Great!

November 08 2015 15:49:55
serioussseriouss Christmovies can go on if you ask me

November 08 2015 14:10:18
DrumshticksDrumshticks 38 Special /December Radio ,this track needs to go on the radio.Smoking work here.D

November 08 2015 11:57:49
StefStef GREAT Tom!! Fantastic lead guitar from 1.38!! Love it


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