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Remix step #4 (playing)


Tofzegrit1016 jams Supporter
+ 18
Lovely tune where I already had fun with the bass and of course, I could not resist to add a guitar inside.

There is another version of this with CKAmstrong on Bass and kennyadry on guitar


November 09 2015 21:43:26
aleonzaleonz I can see how these guitarist drowning by this romantic melancholy song, just listened to Kenny, and this one from you just like a shining glass of wine, that melody very tasty Tof! you are in another dimension
+1 November 09 2015 21:48:49 aleonzTofzegrit
Terima kasih, these are really sweet words from you my Angel Sister Al'... straight to my little heart :)
November 09 2015 20:51:42
kennyadrykennyadry What a fine choice of notes in the intro! I love the subtle effect you did here. That wah seems to be working very nice :D
+1 November 09 2015 20:55:05 kennyadryTofzegrit
;) It's a rotary or a phaser, I do not have (real) wah (that's one of the thing I like from you by the way!)
November 09 2015 20:57:50 kennyadrykennyadry
ahhH! That's really nice! If you haven't told me it's a phaser I would really think it's a wah. :)
November 09 2015 10:24:11
WadeWade Beautiful lines and you've got just the right (Pat Methene?) sound for the guitar in this.
+1 November 09 2015 10:55:22 WadeTofzegrit
Merci Wade, I think my tone is more "Mike Stern" in his "Ballad" mode but it's near from the Pat's one, you're right ;)
November 08 2015 23:07:18
Pit BrettPit Brett cool sounds and nice melodies my friend :)
+1 November 09 2015 08:48:03 Pit BrettTofzegrit
Merci Pit, I would like a Tenor Sax in this kind of tune. It could play the theme with the guitar and take some chorus here and there :)
November 09 2015 19:55:58 Pit BrettPit Brett
I realy like your invitations :) :)
November 08 2015 21:52:50
FrankieJFrankieJ Ah yes Tof. Still really dig that bass ride towards the end. And what a great combination of players.
+1 November 09 2015 08:46:31 FrankieJTofzegrit
Merci Frankie!
I did many many tracks with Marc & Martin and I wish there will be many many other ones!
And lucky Boy I am, I played in real with them at the Wiki meeting last september!
I have a specific playlist under my profile about these collaborations "M&M's&Tof&mates" if you want to listen or do your guitar on one of them even if you have to skip mine.
November 09 2015 09:39:28 FrankieJFrankieJ
Now I understand the M&M reference. I'm learning. :) Will definitely check out your playlist.
November 09 2015 09:54:51 FrankieJTofzegrit
So... Toffee M&M's + mates = "Chocolate Candies Syndicate" :)
November 08 2015 21:42:15
MarceysMarceys You gave a great present this evening Tof! Very cool lines on my headphones tonight! Thanks for the sensitive ride! :)
+1 November 08 2015 21:50:32 MarceysTofzegrit
Hard to find something on the B part... Then, it was very cool to play this :) glad you feel it sensitive... Merci Marc
November 08 2015 20:56:09
AKchenAKchen awesome, sorry, always tell you the same, but is is ;)
+1 November 08 2015 20:57:17 AKchenTofzegrit
Change nothing Babe 💖
November 08 2015 19:57:15
mpointonmpointon Very tough tune choice! Great work, as always. Super jazz/fusion tones, discretely played and executed. Top marks! I promise not to do any drums as way out as this again!
+1 November 08 2015 20:01:15 mpointonTofzegrit
Merci Martin, don't worry, I will still play with you :)
November 08 2015 18:37:19
ivaxivax perfect experiment,great job Tofz
+1 November 08 2015 20:02:09 ivaxTofzegrit
Soy en mi casa con mi hermanos aqui :)
November 08 2015 18:34:05
PsychoPsycho Of course you could not resist... and glad you didn't... great job !!
+1 November 08 2015 19:59:49 PsychoTofzegrit
Steven Segal shouts me so I had not alternative!
(because he didn't understand why he will not be under the shower, he has been fired :))
November 08 2015 23:26:58 PsychoPsycho
Good, I don't want under a shower with a crazy martial arts guy. He might kick the wrong thing off :)
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