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Well this is FOUR types of music: Country and Western and Rock and now Disco too! Well, sort of. What a simply delectable template from Cody here that I just couldn't resist.

I have a rearranged mic setup to include a mono ambient mic in front of the kit too, not that I can hear much difference in this mix but hey. This also marks my first proper attempt at mix automation in Reaper in order to turn the reverb on and off during playback.

Kinda went for a rock meets disco. The main reason for this is that the banjo part is so busy motoring through the track that fiddly drums just wouldn't work. So I went four-on-the-floor instead and the offbeat hi-hat seemed to work. No idea why I did the massive reverb on the kick during the quiet bits - seemed like a good idea.


HD drums have no reverb but the 'big kick' reverb has been left on.

NOTE: Mind the bar of 6/4 at 1:55!


November 14 2015 21:09:23
PsychoPsycho Fine job M !!

November 10 2015 20:59:50
wikibebwikibeb trop bon , super cool rock,

November 10 2015 19:05:03
serioussseriouss why not Disco , that's cool

November 10 2015 18:18:56
TofzegritTofzegrit Yes you can!

November 10 2015 18:07:12
MarceysMarceys Perfect man!

November 10 2015 18:06:03
DrumshticksDrumshticks Rod Morgenstein-Dregs, sounds good like eclectic .D

November 10 2015 17:51:54
CharityCharity Do yall have any lyrics for this yet?

November 10 2015 17:51:35
CharityCharity Love this!!

November 10 2015 17:51:08
TG_StratTG_Strat Very cool track, had it running about 6 times in a row, great!

November 10 2015 17:41:13
kennyadrykennyadry Perfect drumming over Cody's complex and magnificent, this track could not ask any better.


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