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Orchestral Work for Nine Ouds, Guimbri, and Percussion. Was able to achieve deeper trance states with each pass thereby creating a form of rhythmic enchainment. Here are 8 ouds - will add the 9th solo part later, so room now in the centre for anyone who would like to try. -- [Analysis: Maqam Kurd on D - Maqam Kurd starts with a Kurd tetrachord on the first note, and a Nahawand tetrachord on the 4th note (the dominant). The Kurd tetrachord sounds very similar to the first 4 notes in the Phrygian mode in Western classical music. The secondary ajnas are the Ajam trichord on the 3rd note, and another Ajam trichord on the 6th note. These are often used in modulation]. Thanks to rastafari and Khalil Mounji for the wonderful Moroccan music. -- Video:


November 13 2015 12:00:56
GirardGirard Great! I love the ancient and tribal styles

November 12 2015 01:42:20
KellsBellsKellsBells This is riveting my Dear Midoru- I feel as if I have walked up on some ancient ritual in the middle of the deepest darkest woods, watching the shadows dancing around the fire- and am watching from afar hoping not to get caught but completely enchanted by it all. Quite a strong feeling this radiates...a spine chiller, yet VERY hypnotic and primal. Amazing track. :D
+1 November 12 2015 02:04:22 KellsBellsMidoru
Thank you so much, Kells - I like your imagery - yes, ritual music of the Ancients - Trancework
November 12 2015 02:21:31 KellsBellsKellsBells
I just type what I feel when I listen. :)
November 11 2015 08:28:20
AKchenAKchen awesome track, bit scary, but love that :)

November 11 2015 05:46:11
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)
+1 November 11 2015 06:47:52 Lenny CowlerMidoru
Thanks, Lenny :)
November 11 2015 01:14:18
earlstevenearlsteven wikiworld!yery great
+1 November 11 2015 04:05:20 earlstevenMidoru
Thank you!
November 10 2015 21:42:25
RobMRobM What a wonderful blend of sounds and cultures here !
Really enjoyable Midoru ! :)

+1 November 10 2015 23:42:09 RobMMidoru
Thank you, Rob - so glad you enjoyed the piece. This music is a lot of fun to play.
November 10 2015 21:34:12
OliVBeeOliVBee very interesting :) looking forward to the solo part !!
+1 November 10 2015 23:39:16 OliVBeeMidoru
Thank you so much, OliV. Unfortunately, broke two strings in the recording of this, which is why the ninth oud is missing - soloist needs the full set of courses. Stay tuned: The Ninth Oud - coming soon to a theatre near you :)
November 10 2015 21:24:45
ivaxivax Fantastic Midoru
+1 November 10 2015 23:22:46 ivaxMidoru
Thanks, ivax!
November 10 2015 19:58:19
PsychoPsycho You have a wide array of talent... this is great :)
+1 November 10 2015 20:03:46 PsychoMidoru
Thank you, Psycho - appreciate the listen. :)
November 10 2015 19:39:06
kennyadrykennyadry Man!!!I love the sound here. Epic tribal collaboration!
+2 November 10 2015 20:02:46 kennyadryMidoru
Thank you very much, Kenny!

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