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This is a reboot of jam #53488. Ninfrag's utterly immense and superb track was just wonderful but he had to hack my drum template to make it work. This track deserved to be done properly. I begged him for his solo stem and rebuilt the track from there. I just adore its anthemic quality.

For this I added a couple of extra bits. A tabla loop, obtained from Looperman's website (created by promenade2239) and a sequenced tambourine for the outro. It deserved the full treatment. From there, I re-did the drums, roughly based on my original Stratuspheric track, but keeping them in with his wonderful template.

The MP3 mix is only 256kbps - a 320 wouldn't fit. The HD wouldn't either so all the necessary individual tracks can be downloaded from here:


This includes a 320kbps mix, individual drums and guitars.



October 23 2016 21:40:43
ninfragninfrag I took the riffs to band practice and they ended up on our debut album. Go check it out at Firedownbelow.bandcamp.com!
+1 October 24 2016 02:14:13 ninfragmpointon
Just had a listen! Brilliant work from you. Love your psychedelic approach to your music. So glad to hear you've taken this piece further - it's one of my favourite pieces here. I wish you the best of luck with your album.
September 16 2016 01:33:57
mpointonmpointon There's been a few likes of this recently. Can I please re-iterate that the music isn't mine, it's Ninfrag's. I just re-did the drums for it . Please go to #53488 and give him the many thumbs he deserves. Only the drums are me - the rest is his amazing work.

July 18 2016 12:13:00
ivaxivax fantastic Martin :) Awesome

June 23 2016 00:21:36
GemmyFGemmyF you da bomb Martin!

May 18 2016 23:46:46
BassterBasster Man - this one is awesome - how could i miss it...?

May 17 2016 21:29:39
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Discover througt the wondeful add by Wade :) Great one

April 01 2016 06:23:49
JDFJDF Can't believe I just found this. What a cool ride this is. Very smooth and atmospheric.

March 20 2016 02:19:01
jjdfjjdf cool! ;)

December 01 2015 12:06:02
bassapbassap very cool!

November 29 2015 14:19:08
maroconmarocon Amazing.


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