Eternal Spring

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What's not to love about this Kula Shaker sounding track with a splash of Kyuss in the middle? A little out of the comfort zone but gave it a bash anyway. Some pads or soloists would be the icing on the cake here.


Glad you felt the Kula Shaker connection. I felt a bit of 'Govinda' about it too - a tune I love, mostly because I'm a huge sucker for stuff which messes about with harmonic minors! :)

Superb deep, rounded and clear tones, CK. It's as I imagined: the bass chuntering away holding all together. Building beautifully with each turnaround. It's, of course, impeccably played. Thank you - I hoped you'd spot this track. :)
November 16 2015 22:48:26
ninfrag Kula Shaker? Mhh, gotta check that out ;-) +1
November 22 2015 04:33:06
mpointon You might be disappointed! But listen to 'Govinda'. Meandering harmonic minor joy. And whilst you're there, look up Dream Theater's 'Bombay Vindaloo'. An utter improv joy! :) +0
Wow Mr Armstrong this is like a dream. Magnificent bass!!! :D+2
oh this is soooo good!!!+2
This sounds real good man!+1
I will confess to being hugely disappointed this only has five likes! This is CK at his rock-solid, dependable best. Precise, musical and on-the-money.+1
December 04 2015 09:58:51
CKArmstrong Sometimes hard to grab the attention when playing the role of the bassist! +2
December 06 2015 06:24:45
mpointon True. But this is pure stadium bass playing at it's very best. You deserve more, in truth.

Whilst I never saw Kula Shaker live, it takes me back to one of my earliest influences and one of my favourite bands ever: Simple Minds. I can see Malcolm Foster playing this riff, strutting around the stage like he (deservedly) owns the stage,

I just wish I was Mel Gaynor!
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