A promise from the sun

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pkliesch92 jams Supporter
Remix step #2


aleonz435 jams
Remix step #5 (playing)


frankyguitar444 jams Supporter
+ 14
Made this one yesterday , made the mix and than I read this horribly news in the shout box.
I could not upload this! Was shocked!
But we have to give an answer! We don't let us take our live and our friendship and our humanity and our freedom not from this stupid people and also from nothing others!
We all stay together, thats my statement. Sorry, but I can not do other!

Thanks a lot pkliesch, aleonz, bassman01 and rp3! I followed your invitation, added a little solo in the red area and change a bit the outro- sorry Patrick.....


January 16 2016 18:38:00
pklieschpkliesch I missed this! Very cool add. And outro, franky! :)
+1 January 16 2016 22:42:02 pklieschfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Patrick! Such a wonderful song you started here :)
November 26 2015 03:41:31
TofzegritTofzegrit Really good solo Franky and with 2 guitars voices !!! Class
+1 November 26 2015 07:10:35 Tofzegritfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Tof ! Such a nice song..... :)
November 16 2015 04:54:44
aleonzaleonz what a sweet add Franky! thank you very much to lay your emotion in this track!
+1 November 16 2015 04:58:37 aleonzfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Alice! It was me an honor to play this little thing for you and the band ! I'm really glad you like it!
November 15 2015 11:11:06
AKchenAKchen that´s such a round thing Franky, love it :)
+1 November 15 2015 14:02:05 AKchenfrankyguitar
Vielen lieben Dank AKchen! Ja, ist ein schöner Song und ich durfte dabei sein.... :D
November 15 2015 04:58:27
rp3drumsrp3drums nice, great add and nice mix!
+1 November 15 2015 14:00:00 rp3drumsfrankyguitar
Thanx rp! Had only to play a bit guitar, the most work made you and the friends before me....:)
November 14 2015 20:52:44
ivaxivax fantastic Franky, beautiful song
+1 November 14 2015 20:57:45 ivaxfrankyguitar
Xavi, thank you very much my friend. Great work from these fine musicans before me! :)
November 14 2015 20:38:07
PsychoPsycho Great add franky :)
+1 November 14 2015 20:55:30 Psychofrankyguitar
Thank you Psy, was really fine to play with the wonderful musicans :)
November 14 2015 20:11:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)
+1 November 14 2015 20:52:27 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thanx my friend :)
November 14 2015 18:50:39
GirardGirard Sweet Ride there Franky. Nice use of the red markers! I need to try using them...
+1 November 14 2015 20:52:02 Girardfrankyguitar
Thanks a lot my friend ! rp had use the marker who was thinking Space for a solo- so I use this and make it new :)
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