So Be It (Remix)

Remix step #5 (playing)


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There's a lot of jams I did early after I joined the loops which were fantastic, many featuring the legends that are AlexJ, Tof, Marceys and SlonMusic. But they were always let down by one thing: my dreadful, biscuit tin drum sound. It was the reason I revisited one of my favourite all-time jams, Mid Tern.

The drums were well-recorded but I was just utterly rubbish at mixing them. Thanks to the Loops, I'm better at it now than I was. So it's time some of these old gems were given the polish they so richly deserve. These are not new drums, just remixed.

This is one jam where there are HD stems available for everyone. So I dug up my original master recording from my archive drive (yes, I keep every Loop, sorry!) and re-imported the HD stems.

I think it sounds better than it used to! Enjoy. I certainly did enjoy this trip down memory lane.

HD mix contains the drums only with no reverb.


November 16 2015 19:46:45
Very cool work Martin! This way the track is a very cool balance! You brought the instruments more close to each other!
+1 November 16 2015 19:55:03 Marceys mpointon
Thanks, Marc. It was tough to mix as I wanted Alex's superb playing to be clear but it clashed with your keys so a lot of level fiddling was needed.

Listening back, there's a bit of distortion on the bass... Damn.
November 16 2015 17:28:04
cody trippcody tripp

November 16 2015 13:16:30
cool jam buddy, reminds me of Toto, and the ever great Jeff Porcaro...
+1 November 16 2015 14:37:28 rp3drums mpointon
Thanks, rp3. Jeff is a big hero of mine. I have no idea how long I've spent trying to perfect the 'Roseanna' beat over the years. One of the finest drummers on the planet before his untimely demise.
November 16 2015 17:00:17 rp3drums rp3drums
agreed...he had a way of making difficult stuff sound easy...
November 16 2015 17:15:33 rp3drums mpointon
... and with a groove to utterly die for. Up there with Gadd and co. for his ability to make everything feel so right and so good.
November 16 2015 13:03:19
Cool Martin! The sound is very good!
That is one of my favorite background (a bit in detune mode... :))
Nice to share your enthusiasm in your "do it again"

+1 November 16 2015 14:36:29 Tofzegrit mpointon
Thanks Tof. There's a fair few from the early days which are just fantastic but my drums sound rubbish and I want to fix them and do the tunes justice!
November 16 2015 12:47:48
Perfect and difficult as the last!

November 16 2015 12:42:12
Good job Martin,
You've found space in between the instruments which has added some depth:)
Good band too!

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