Old Jam (Remixed)

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Another gem, and favourite, from the archive remixed. Again awful sounding drums made me want to remix it. Slon did a fine mix but the vocals were out of sync. A real dream tune this one: SlonMusic template, AlexJ on bass, Marc on keys and vox and Tof on guitar.

This time I did have a bit of judicious editing to do with my original drum take as there were some jarring timing errors on my part which I'd never forgive myself if I didn't fix. Again, this is the original drums, just polished better!

This was an utter swine to remix because almost all the HD stems wouldn't line up with each other meaning I had to keep listening to each add to work out where they should be in the scheme of things! Took a fair old while, I can tell you!

*** PLEASE USE 55309 *** I missed off Tof's lead part. Sorry. I'm an idiot.


December 16 2015 23:31:48
great mix! cool to hear these again :)
+1 December 16 2015 23:33:20 alexj mpointon
Thanks, Alex. Some of my favourite jams are from my 'early' days where I just want it to sound 'better'. When can we tempt you back into the playing fold? :) :) ;)
November 16 2015 20:04:43
:) good remix !!

November 16 2015 19:48:37
welcome to the new jam! cool work again Martin! Great to hear that you give these track new life! :)
+1 November 16 2015 19:57:08 Marceys mpointon
Thanks, Marc. I love giving these tracks the lease of sound quality I feel they deserve. They're such good tracks. I've a few more I want to revisit yet!

It makes sense I do it because it's the drums which sound weak and I have the original master recording!
November 16 2015 19:14:59
great fab mixes :)

November 16 2015 17:41:42
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good job:)

November 16 2015 15:06:19
Funky!!! good job

November 16 2015 14:59:55
Cool mix for cool jam !

November 16 2015 14:23:58
You must redo it with the last remix from Marceys (vocals + lead guitar) :D

So cool to hear this stuff in those strange days, merci Martin💜

+1 November 16 2015 14:30:34 Tofzegrit mpointon
Ahh, didn't realise there was a lead guitar part. Is it available as HD or can you send it to me and I'll redo the upload.
November 16 2015 14:33:12 Tofzegrit mpointon
Can you send me your lead stem, please, and I'll sort it. Listened to Marc's remix - it sounds as good as mine except the drums aren't corrected on his!
November 16 2015 14:17:40
Perfect and groovy drums, recalls at times to group Level 42


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