Bike Ride (Remix)

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Another gem from recent WikiLoops past from Tof and Marc. Always loved this track - Marc's syncopated keys really set off the rushing feel to the track and Tof's manic bass adds to the apparent urgency.

Like before, the drums are as originally recorded - this is just a remix to selfishly satiate my desire to make the drums from my early days sound better. I love listening to these 'old' loops but the drum sounds just drive me mad. This was harder to mix - the drum sound is not as well recorded so this is a bit of a compromise.

Plenty of room on this one for adds.

If you would like to add, use this and post as a remix of #34759. If you use the HD stems, beware of Marc's keys - they don't sync without a little bit of fiddling about!

HD is the re-mixed drums without reverb.


December 04 2015 04:07:10
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho

November 20 2015 23:27:02
WadeWade Boy I like this. Great add that makes it pop and sparkle.

November 18 2015 17:25:00
TEE-KWATEE-KWA Sweet...;):)

November 17 2015 17:39:11
paalmanpaalman Very good

November 16 2015 21:20:41
kennyadrykennyadry Great Remix martin!..Love this band!
+2 November 18 2015 07:21:50 kennyadrympointon
Damn right you are!
November 16 2015 23:49:13 kennyadryTofzegrit
You are a part of this band, you know ?:)
November 17 2015 02:57:50 kennyadrykennyadry
Yeah! :)
November 16 2015 20:28:40
RockzillaRockzilla Bike Ride ... reminds me of Peter Gabriel , he used to ride a bike around on stage among other different thing, still an amazing and incredible artist, VERY WELL DONE BY ALL on this track

November 16 2015 19:55:31
MarceysMarceys Hey Martin! Great to hear all these "oldies" with your improved drumsound! That solo on the keys came out of nowhere... didn't regognize that playing at all.... totally forgot about it....again a great workarround Martin!
+2 November 18 2015 06:45:49 Marceysmpointon
Lose control more often, dammit! :D
November 16 2015 20:01:10 Marceysmpointon
I *love* the keys on this one! Soooo funky.
November 16 2015 23:47:45 MarceysTofzegrit
Yes you did that Marc :)
November 17 2015 15:52:48 MarceysMarceys
think the beginning of the solo is cool but than I lose control! .....
November 16 2015 19:46:09
PsychoPsycho Great play M :)

November 16 2015 19:36:45
aleonzaleonz excellent mix Martin!

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