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Gatorblue54 jams
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OK, this is a remix, but I've downloaded so many that I can't find who did this. It's a great template with acoustic guitar, bass and drums. I added electric guitars, wrote lyrics and sang it. Please, if you recognize it let me know so I can share credit and put it at the right place. Lyrics are in the Chord section. Thanks, Gator


November 19 2015 14:02:34
LieschingLiesching Very nice song, Gator! I remember that I already listened to the template before, but I cannot link this to the musicians :)

November 18 2015 08:28:43
AKchenAKchen good one, wow
+0 November 18 2015 16:37:03 AKchenGatorblue
AK, thank you. I'm very happy you like it. Learnin' to stretch as I listen to all the variety of styles you use in your songs. -Gator
November 18 2015 16:42:44 AKchenAKchen
it´s such a lovely song, I wonder ... wow
November 18 2015 01:25:48
PsychoPsycho Very cool... I can't place it. But there is still 99.9% of the stuff here I haven't heard yet :)
+0 November 18 2015 02:47:44 PsychoGatorblue
Psy---thanks. Play what you haven't heard yet. -Gator
November 17 2015 16:58:00
aleonzaleonz very cool singin Gator, great lyrics, such a great feelin from this song
+0 November 18 2015 02:48:34 aleonzGatorblue
Thanks so much. You are a fine songwriter so your comments mean a great deal to me.
November 17 2015 10:24:44
AKchenAKchen that´s really good :)
+0 November 17 2015 16:34:21 AKchenGatorblue
Thanks, so much.
November 17 2015 08:09:25
serioussseriouss cool !!
+0 November 17 2015 16:34:39 serioussGatorblue
Thanks. Much appreciated.
November 17 2015 04:53:23
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice job Gator, fine feel in that solo.
+0 November 17 2015 16:35:04 akethesnakerGatorblue
Thanks, Ake. I'm learning from you to use stereo on guitar effects.
November 17 2015 03:45:57
RockzillaRockzilla Great job, I have tracks that I lost the info on them too, keep 'em coming Gator
+0 November 17 2015 16:31:09 RockzillaGatorblue
Thanks, Rockzilla.

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