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Such an open and wonderfully enticing piece from Hurzel. Mainly a supporting rhythm riff. All in one take so a few "opps" here and there, sorry.
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Unplugged, Acoustic


You've done a very fine add my friend. This is what you call an add that supports, it seems like you've been there since the creation if the track!+3
November 19 2015 08:06:07
RobM That is a wonderful compliment. Thank you dear Kenny :) +0
Very tasty guitar add Rob... not easy to be able to add something to the beautiful piano line by Hurzel that is an enhancement - but it matches perfectly - like you guys co-created it. Well done :)+3
November 19 2015 08:08:59
RobM Mate, that is a big compliment and one that is greatly appreciated ! Thank Paul, glad you liked it :) +0
Great job! You put in a nice wicked rhythmical twist with the constant "3 against 4". Also love the muted notes, they are delicious.. Awesome! :)+2
November 19 2015 08:07:50
RobM Thanks Hurzel, I'm really glad you liked it :) I just hope it will encourage others to join in ! :) +2
Such a warm touch here with your sweet guitar, Rob. :)+2
November 19 2015 08:08:15
RobM Awww, thanks Kell :) +1
You lay such a beautiful lines on this track Rob!, your coloring this track and make it even brighter+2
November 19 2015 08:10:10
RobM Thank you so very much Alice ! :) +0
I love your discreet addition, rob. Lets room for a ton of ideas :)+2
November 19 2015 08:10:41
RobM Thank you Heli, that was my intent. Glad it worked friend :) +0
Who's a clever one? Such good simple ideas...yea, the kind that work without a lot of work and are the most musical.+2
November 21 2015 22:35:11
RobM Thank Wade :) I was very intent on less is best on this one +2
November 19 2015 08:06:21
Lenny Cowler
RobM Thanks Lenny :) +0
Awesome !!+1
November 19 2015 08:06:38
RobM Thanks Cody ! :) +1
Very tasteful, Rob! Big thumb.+1
November 19 2015 22:42:53
RobM Thank you so very much Marc :) It means a lot ! :) +1
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