War with time

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1st - 0:00 - 0:52 - 120 bpm 4/4 2nd - 0:53 - 3:09 140 bpm 4/4 3rd - 3:10 - 5:45 140 bpm this is an alternating 6/8 and 7/8. The way I count this is 123/123/123/1234/ HD Guitar track has a click track


Ah this rocks kenny. Dig the full/heavy sound.+2
November 18 2015 22:19:54
kennyadry Thank u so much frankie :) +0
Very cool Kenny!!+2
November 18 2015 22:21:31
kennyadry Thanks Jeebsie! +1
° O o Oh Yeah Kenny Kenny ! Come on Come On Kenny Kenny O°o oO ° O o Oh Yeah Kenny Kenny ! Come on Come On Kenny Kenny O°o oO ° O o Oh Yeah Kenny Kenny ! Come on Come On Kenny Kenny O°o oO ° O o Oh Yeah Kenny Kenny ! Come on Come On Kenny Kenny O°o oO ° O o Oh Yeah Kenny Kenny ! Come on Come On Kenny Kenny O°o oO+2
November 19 2015 06:00:50
kennyadry I don't know what to say :) but thank you Uncle Tof! +1
Excellent work Kenny... really like this one !!+2
November 19 2015 06:01:28
kennyadry Thanks a lot Psycho! :) +1
Sounding fantastic! :) like the fact the track was rocking all the way through, then the clean outro with those few distorted notes to let you know the intensity is still there. :D+2
November 19 2015 06:06:40
kennyadry Thank u for the detailed feedback Kills! :) it's that I actually didn't plan to put those distortion at the end but when I did, I thought it worked :D +1
Another super-puper epic stuff kenny!!
The dream of the rock drummers)
November 19 2015 06:08:34
kennyadry Hi Salon :) thank u so much my friend! Yeah hope drummers will jump in! +0
great track+2
November 19 2015 12:58:54
kennyadry Thank u bhunt! +0
Kenny this is a Great track!! Really fantastic!+2
November 19 2015 12:59:19
kennyadry Thank u Franky :) +1
that curious feeling when I listen to your track Kenny, is you always have that plot twist and that is what make's the story getting more interesting ! Big powerful sounds, with a tasty play! Brutal Sweetness to my ears...and the outro...dang Brother you are fantastic!+2
November 19 2015 17:40:09
kennyadry It feels great that this has made you curious :) Thank you so much great sis! +0
November 20 2015 00:44:18
kennyadry Thanks Carpenter :) +0

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