Stand tall city of light.

Remix step #2 (playing)
New Zealand


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Using Balfo's lovely template for a tribute to a Paris that will recover from this darkness. My heart goes out to you.


November 24 2015 00:03:38
BalfoBalfo If you could see me now, I am deeply touched .... your saxophone is the sharpest gentlest weapon I know!
+1 November 24 2015 02:23:43 BalfoWade
I had hoped that you would be happy with this. All due to your wonderful song. Thanks.
November 20 2015 15:22:29
LutzLutz That's the right answer to the dark agenda.
+1 November 23 2015 22:22:16 LutzWade
Yes. Hopefully we can all stand behind France and all who suffer as the result of hatred. Thanks Lutz.
November 19 2015 20:32:34
ShiShi a lovely guitar from Balfo and a sweet soft Sax sound there Wade, a track that shines like a beacon :)
+1 November 23 2015 22:20:45 ShiWade
What an amazing thing to say! Hopefully all our little voices together can make a really big beacon? Thanks Shi.
November 19 2015 18:30:55
kennyadrykennyadry Your sax is a beauty on it's own...can listen to it the whole night..
+1 November 23 2015 22:19:00 kennyadryWade
Such a lovely thing to say Kenny. Thanks...when you come visit we can play the whole night!
November 19 2015 17:26:10
LieschingLiesching Soft and tender tribute! I love this piece, wade.
+1 November 23 2015 22:18:07 LieschingWade
Thanks Marc. Wish I could compose the way you do, but am glad that I can at least pull a few heartstrings with these adds.
November 23 2015 22:19:55 LieschingLiesching
To the max!
November 19 2015 13:54:01
aleonzaleonz This beautiful song from Balfo, has stuck in my head from the very first time I listened to it, and listening your sax floating with so much love and tenderness just give a warm feelin to the heart Wade!
+1 November 23 2015 22:16:17 aleonzWade
There could be no better compliment. It was meant to frame Balfo's lovely tune and add an emotional layer. So good to know that this found its way to your heart. Thanks.
November 19 2015 10:45:00
AKchenAKchen wonderful ... love it
+1 November 23 2015 22:13:40 AKchenWade
Thanks AKchen! Hope it touched your heart. We feel so much for what Europe is going through and will need to endure.
November 19 2015 09:45:39
frankyguitarfrankyguitar This is wonderful "Wadish" sounding sax! With much heartfelt and emotion! Great! :)
+1 November 23 2015 22:11:59 frankyguitarWade
I guess I should just accept that I've got a recognizable sound. Maybe that's OK. Main thing is that you like it. Thanks Franky.
November 23 2015 22:26:19 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
My friend, you have what the most musicians try to get, an own special sound, a thing that makes it unmistakable, , like Miles Davis, as example, okay he was playing a trumpet, but its only an example...
You use your sax like a vehicle from your soul and what I can listen is beautiful!! I wish i had this.....
November 23 2015 23:42:44 frankyguitarWade
That's an amazing thing to say...and much appreciated. I have to admit that while other sax players want to sound like some player from the 1950-60s I'd rather just sound like me (whatever that is).
November 19 2015 09:34:52
FrankMilFrankMil Amazing Wade
+1 November 23 2015 22:09:45 FrankMilWade
I've never been called "amazing wade"...been called a lot of other stuff though. Cheers Frank.
November 19 2015 08:18:38
RobMRobM Beautiful Wade, just beautiful :)
+1 November 23 2015 22:08:53 RobMWade
Thanks very kind Rob.

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