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One hell of a meaningful song by these guys... hopefully I was able to add a little extra.
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Great add. It's like Neil Shon stopped by to add to the track. And he was a ballad big guitar master. We just need a brave bass player.+1
November 19 2015 15:50:25
Psycho Thanks rp3 - quite a compliment :) You guys really put on a show with this one :) +1
This is awesome.+1
November 19 2015 15:51:56
Psycho Thanks Fish... always learning and hopefully for the better :) +0
This is awesome indeed. Great playing and vocals--all the way.+1
November 19 2015 15:53:26
Psycho Oh yes, Josh is a very good singer indeed... I simply tried to enhance it a bit... thanks :) +0
You have lifted this great song up and risen high, my friend. I normally try to listen 2 or 3 times to analyze and in this case had to refer to the original a few times - this is so very well entwined.+1
November 19 2015 15:55:12
Psycho Thanks M... I'm very interested the quality these days... so 90% of anything I do is editing :) +1
Psy---this is enchanting, and epic and now this song is an absolute symphony of beauty! Phenomenal add my Dear Friend. Just perfect. :)+1
November 19 2015 15:57:08
Psycho Thanks Kelly, I really appreciate the kind words gal... :) +0
You definitely provided the needed extra! Love ita lot man!+1
November 19 2015 15:59:02
Psycho Thank you Kenny... words from all here means a lot, but from fellow guitarists is special :) +1
November 19 2015 17:41:07
kennyadry totally understand how you feel :) cos i feel that way too! +1
November 19 2015 16:00:07
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thank you very much Lenny... emotional song for sure. Choked me up a bit !! +3
Very good Psy, superb addition !! Really a fine extra!+1
November 19 2015 16:01:27
Psycho Thank you franky... Josh and the rest on this created a masterpiece of emotion :) +1
Superb track Psy!! Absolute cool! :)+1
November 19 2015 16:02:52
Psycho Thanks Stef, of course I'm a small part in this, and as I hear it right now it still gets to me. A great song !! +0
great add to an awesome song+1
November 19 2015 16:03:50
Psycho All I tried to do was give it a little more and I got lucky... thank you AK :) +0

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