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this is kind of what I am going through at present. The vocal is obviously a really rough draft of a melody when I was writing. That in itself is an evolvement for me because I never hear music when writing lyrics, I usually hope I can adapt my words to someone elses genius.
Anyway I would love to collab with this rough draft, resing and make it something special. The backing needs to be quite a mixture of big and vulnerable, which I have tried to portray in the different parts of the song. Feel free to cut and paste and create plenty of space for instrumental. To give you some idea, the panic attacks when they come cause me to feel like someone is trickling iced water down my back, my knees start to shake and my feet go icy cold. Have tried to portray that in the chorus. Attacks are fewer now, its good to be writing again.


February 28 2016 22:34:17
KCysewskiKCysewski very sensitive and beautiful :)

December 04 2015 05:01:39
francisco alfrancisco al legal muito bem

November 23 2015 21:18:33
bleymehlbleymehl Very impressive emotions!

November 22 2015 20:31:51
fannefanne Wow, some emotion here Vicky! They say the best songs come from the heart, who’s vibes stir up the air in the lungs, and find their way out through the vocal cords…..this song proofs it
+1 November 23 2015 03:12:27 fanneMorganLeFey
thank you John for taking a listen like I said its really rough...whatever anyone makes out of it instrumentally I will want to resing ;-)
November 21 2015 21:50:31
GatorblueGatorblue Vicki, this is powerful. Good to hear you back on Wiki again. Get it all out. the best songs always have heart-felt emotions and this is an example. --Gator

November 21 2015 14:52:05
TofzegritTofzegrit wow! thanks for this moment Morgan.

November 21 2015 12:37:22
AKchenAKchen that´s incredible, how you express with your voice ... I understand you very well ... a great song dear! ... hugs

November 21 2015 11:02:34
NeronickNeronick A little hug from a lonely guitarist...after some time you'll find the cure of humor again...

November 21 2015 10:46:10
LieschingLiesching I do not think it´s rough. It is an authentic artful piece of real life. This is the only honest way to sing these lyrics. Very touching, Morgan. I hope and I am sure such artful performances will help to overcome panic feelings. Best wishes. Marc
+1 November 21 2015 10:48:17 LieschingMorganLeFey
Marc thank you, yes finally I can say it is beginning to become cathartic to sing out the pain
November 21 2015 10:53:49 LieschingLiesching
Glad to hear!
November 21 2015 10:40:46
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey I apologise for the roughness of the vocal, had two gigs today...5 hours singing in total but its the old story, if you don't get something out of your head when it demands, it goes away.


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