I Just Can't Land You

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Thanks to MPOINTON,FRANKMILL,DANNYK,and JMRUCKERS for this fine blues template. I added lyrics, vocals and guitar. Those of you who know me may recognize that I always use a Paul or 335, but I actually used a STRAT on this. I'm not good on a Strat, they've never liked me, but I felt this was kind of a tribute to some old friends in South Texas who have a little band and they used a strat on a song that sounded kind of like this that had to do with stockings. You might notice a couple of other references again in one of the verses to this lil' ole Texas band. (Lyrics listed on Chord page)


November 23 2015 19:53:51
akethesnakerakethesnaker Love it, the same with me and strats:)

November 22 2015 09:20:49
jmrukkersjmrukkers Love this one Gator, great heartfelt vocals

November 22 2015 00:39:17
StefStef Great voice, great Strat, great blues...great Gator! :)
+0 November 22 2015 02:04:48 StefGatorblue
Thanks Stef
November 21 2015 23:40:06
DannyKDannyK That them there's the blues, folks!
+0 November 22 2015 02:05:47 DannyKGatorblue
thanks, Danny
November 21 2015 23:34:06
FrankMilFrankMil cool blues tune man , love the lyrics and that strat sounds nice
+0 November 22 2015 02:06:33 FrankMilGatorblue
thanks Frank, very unsure of my self on a strat. I like guitars that push back a bit more.
November 21 2015 22:59:23
RockzillaRockzilla excellent :)
+0 November 21 2015 23:39:58 RockzillaGatorblue
thanks, Rockzilla.
November 21 2015 22:46:35
PsychoPsycho :)... This is one the best yet man... love it !! Maybe hang on to that strat :)
+0 November 21 2015 22:50:02 PsychoGatorblue
Thanks, Psy. I may let it out of the case more than once a year, if you say so. -- Gator
November 21 2015 22:58:57 PsychoPsycho
I'm like you... Strat necks don't like me, but I can get used to them... been thinking about grabbing another one :)

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