Bulerias in the Yard of my Neighbor

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Sequencer track with bass, keys, cajon, palms and key-congas. The "bulerias" is a flamenco rhythm of my country very jazzy....


August 24 2016 18:45:36
tyros4tyros4 donde has conseguido esa base de buleria?
+1 August 24 2016 20:00:33 tyros4GlezBass
en youtube tienes muestras de estudio entrenamiento gratuitas si entras en su buscador
August 24 2016 18:45:12
tyros4tyros4 :O :o

+1 August 24 2016 20:01:34 tyros4GlezBass
Gracias Luis, me pillo un dia bien inspirado...linea de piano y bajo muy flamenco jazz, tambien le hice la linea de congas con el MX49 para darle un poquito de colorido a la buleria
June 02 2016 04:15:11
PsychoPsycho Great job... a bit late, but just heard it by way of GemmyF :)

November 30 2015 11:01:33
JeebsieJeebsie Really good work Glez, sounds great:)

November 30 2015 10:00:39
bassapbassap Very tasty

November 23 2015 22:40:11
WadeWade Love all the flavors you present in your music. This is a particularly interesting fusion. Well done.
+1 November 24 2015 12:13:24 WadeGlezBass
This meant that the wikiloopers added tools and ideas, not everything will be blues, jazz and rock
November 23 2015 01:51:23
goldtop68goldtop68 great bass you make the tune sail!

November 22 2015 14:30:02
aleonzaleonz That is a very cool leak, taste so sweet in my ears :) love this one track too...this is go to my strawberry fields list right away :) thank you so much for pointing this one G!

November 22 2015 11:45:23
MarceysMarceys This sounds real cool GlezBass!

November 22 2015 11:33:20
FrankieJFrankieJ Another nice one Glez.


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