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Kelly basically shoved her fist down my throat, grabbed me by the vocal cords and said, "Squeal monkey, squeal." I don't know if I should press charges for assault or sexual foreplay gone wrong. My safe word is Jammie Dodger by the way. It was Pumpkin, but my last girlfriend thought I said Blumpkin, and well... I digress. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the song haha Hope I contributed in someway positive. Kept the gap at the end. Thought it was atmospheric. :)


November 30 2015 22:47:56
wikibebwikibeb manifique

November 25 2015 02:46:47
aleonzaleonz always a pleasure to listen you two in a track, you gave just the excellent touch in a perfect place, the whispered, the scream, so so cool !

November 24 2015 06:21:07
KellsBellsKellsBells Josh- sorry about the fist down the throat, but it must have been necessary...this was really awesome!! Loved your vocal additions and that whispered "give up the fight" ...chilling. :) You are a vocal powerhouse at other points here. :) Thanks for lending your voice on this one. As far as pressing charges...I'm 5000 miles away. Prove it. :p

November 24 2015 01:42:35
FishinmissioFishinmissio This is good stuff :)
+2 November 24 2015 01:45:53 FishinmissioJoshDexter
Glad you enjoyed it!
November 24 2015 00:33:23
aduadu A new Wikihit is born! You two works so great with Hermans´s very good Guitar. Thank you all for this event. :)
+2 November 24 2015 00:35:23 aduJoshDexter
Thank you for listening!!
November 24 2015 00:33:10
TofzegritTofzegrit wow
+2 November 24 2015 00:35:07 TofzegritJoshDexter
Wow is an awesome way to convey the single emotion of awe! :D Thank you Tof
November 24 2015 00:31:56
pklieschpkliesch Great sounding high vocals. Remind me of Alan Parsons somehow. Good Job, Josh!
+1 November 24 2015 00:34:06 pklieschJoshDexter
I don't know what mad me think you were talking about Jim Parsons lol
November 24 2015 00:31:06
Herman420Herman420 Nicely done Josh! Bwahaha I thought you said Blumpkin!
+2 November 24 2015 00:32:52 Herman420JoshDexter
I misspelled it haha
November 24 2015 00:33:53 Herman420Herman420
Bwahahah OUTSTANDING!!!!
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