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I added some guitar as a lure ;)


November 29 2015 18:53:53
aleonzaleonz great solid line here RZ!
+1 November 29 2015 19:07:06 aleonzRockzilla
Thank you so much, I appreciate comments from musicians like yourself, thanks for listening
November 26 2015 08:12:14
MidoruMidoru Reel 'em in, Rock - good one!
+1 November 26 2015 20:45:28 MidoruRockzilla
Thanks Midoru, it was just one of those night where I felt I needed to do my own thing, it was just going to be a bass track but it didn't have much appeal to anyone on it's own so I added some rhythm guitar to sweeten the mix
November 26 2015 00:30:07
KMstarKMstar great job on this!
+1 November 26 2015 00:40:43 KMstarRockzilla
Thank you KMstar for the complement and thanks for listening :)
November 24 2015 16:50:01
PsychoPsycho Very cool composition Rock... playlisted :)
+1 November 24 2015 17:00:57 PsychoRockzilla
I think my mixing techniques have defiantly improved and I like the sound I got out of my guitar last night, I took a pic to remember the settings
November 24 2015 16:55:28 PsychoRockzilla
thanks man ,ever have one of those days where you just can't find any loop that really does it for you? I had one yesterday, pleanty of cool stuff but couldn't get a groove going so I made up my own and surprised myself
November 24 2015 16:57:04 PsychoPsycho
Oh yeah, and some days that I just meed to rest :)
November 24 2015 17:01:46 PsychoRockzilla
today I might just listen to other compositions
November 24 2015 14:05:03
StefStef Powerful rock! I wait Angus... :)
+1 November 24 2015 14:21:46 StefRockzilla
Thanks :) sometimes I surprise myself when I decide to get creative
November 24 2015 09:06:45
aduadu Solid rock, so i like it! Great to have you in the Band ;) :)
+1 November 24 2015 14:24:19 aduRockzilla
I'm glad you like it , AWESOME drum track to jam along with, I EQ'd the drums a wee bit to give them that ac/dc punch
November 24 2015 04:53:56
DannyKDannyK Excellent riffing.
+1 November 24 2015 04:56:46 DannyKRockzilla
just one of those nights where I couldn't find anything that was doing it for me, so I made up my own thing and surprised myself :)
November 24 2015 04:57:32 DannyKRockzilla
... and thanks :)
November 24 2015 05:01:27 DannyKRockzilla
I actually combined some ideas from Detroit rock city by kiss and she's got balls by ac/dc
November 24 2015 04:42:47
GirardGirard Solid as hell. Good jam.
+1 November 24 2015 04:45:32 GirardRockzilla
Hey thanks buddy , I'm glad you like it :)
November 24 2015 05:04:18 GirardRockzilla
and I also record over the parts I goofed up and do some dragging and dropping so I don't have to play it all over again, I'm learning stuff :)
November 24 2015 04:04:07
RickplayerRickplayer Super cool Rockzilla hope more add can't wait to see where this one goes
+0 November 24 2015 04:07:52 RickplayerRockzilla
you know tonight was one of those nights where I just couldn't find a track to jam along with that was really doing it for me so I grabbed a drummer and decided to shake some cobwebs and come up with something I was happy with, even if I get 1 thumb I'm happy :) Thanks for listening Rick :)
November 24 2015 04:21:28 RickplayerRickplayer
My pleasure you are welcome
November 24 2015 04:01:08
RockzillaRockzilla I gave this one a thumb for my wife 'cause SHE liked it :)

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