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Balfo419 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)


frenzie343 jams Supporter
+ 11
had to do a quick jam, not feelin to well 2day
great template Balfo thnx!
could not match your blues spirit and touch, but had fun playing along


March 07 2016 12:46:31
Ohh, that's really excellent frenzie!! Very expressive and with much feeling!! :) Excellent tone!!
+1 March 07 2016 21:49:26 frankyguitar frenzie
Hee Franky thanx a lot my friend :)
November 28 2015 19:01:50
What I love in the way you play is the fact that this is reflecting the quality of your life being always exposed to this music, your explosive talent and cleanliness and control of nuances of American blues at its best. I will continue to follow you with your promision and maybe ones to jam with you . regards to you and Balfo.
+1 November 28 2015 19:14:05 Shmuel frenzie
This is a really cool compliment thank you very much shmuel, let's do a bluesjam sometimes sounds cool, I will leave space for you to fill or vice versa :)
Keep on playing the blues and actually titi gave me confidence to play more blues :)
November 28 2015 20:46:00 Shmuel frenzie
I left space, on yellow bar on this track No. 56728 ;)
feel free to join if you like :)
November 28 2015 13:56:36
Playing blues virtuoso. pleasure to here

+1 November 28 2015 17:12:31 Shmuel frenzie
Thanx a lot shmuel! & for stopping by much appreciated :)
November 27 2015 10:46:42
Light in the style of "Jonny Lang" and I like that very much Frenzie, good job and thank you so much!
+2 November 27 2015 18:29:22 Balfo frenzie
You are so welcome Balfo it was very nice to play along with your track ;)
thank you for the comet my friend :)
November 26 2015 19:27:05
Well articulated blues statement using the pedal and bends to great effect.
+1 November 26 2015 23:40:59 Wade frenzie
:) thank you my friend!
November 26 2015 19:18:30
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 November 26 2015 23:40:32 Lenny Cowler frenzie
Thank you Lenny!
November 26 2015 08:16:49
Nice wah blues, frenzie - very cool!
+1 November 26 2015 18:39:08 Midoru frenzie
Thnx a lot midoru! :) love that you alway listen with your musical ears :)
November 26 2015 01:09:55
So... WILD ! !
scratchy, bloody with all these cool tones and U got the BlooZ
Me like :)

+1 November 26 2015 18:29:58 Tofzegrit frenzie
I was feeling both wild and blue :D Thnx my friend :)
November 25 2015 21:34:51
Yeahhh ! A great moment of pleasure blues my friend ! Both work very together :)
+1 November 25 2015 22:10:28 titi frenzie
Thnx titi my friend! Your comments make me smile :)

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