got no soul

Drums, Bass & Guitar:
frenzie957 jams
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New Zealand
Wade557 jams
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Love the sound of this one from Frenzie. Wanted to mix into his solo in last third...tried not to use the hob nail boots.


cool work :) love this softness of yours (and i'm not just speaking of your sound !)+2
November 26 2015 20:01:20
Wade Thank OliVBee. The guitar was so quiet/subtle and so necessary. Needed to keep to a level where it kept us on a par, especially the last third. Really needs remix to bring the guitar up a bit more. +1
hmmmmm... got this on good speakers as i code thu the evening... very nice & great sound there, too!+2
November 26 2015 20:03:28
Wade Wow, the boss is listening in! Glad if it helped with coding. Cheers. +0
That sounds so good, your velvet phrasing with this tone, those subtle melodies seem so natural...
Breath and Spirit harmony

01:58 Arno the Mosquito, a friend of Fred the Spider
November 26 2015 20:24:08
Wade Hopefully not as irritating as a mosquito! Glad that you also found this one and did an excellent rendition. Such a fine track from Frenzie.

Very much appreciate when the phrasing is noticed. Phrasing gives opportunities for very subtle rhythmic accents and ways to state the melodic ideas differently. Took me a long time to learn that to serve the music best these need to be generally go unnoticed.
Was in a real bad mood until I started listening to this. Great add to a great track Wade :)+2
November 26 2015 20:29:56
Wade Now that's a fine compliment. If music can reach out and touch people then you're doing something worthwhile. Will try to carry this comment (mentally) with me at those times when I wonder why I'm doing it (we all get the blues). +0
Excellent fitting playing and tone. Unmistakably you! :)+2
November 26 2015 22:05:09
Wade Thanks Adu. One of these days I'll surprise you and sound like somebody else. Ha! +1
You got it! Great Wade!!+1
November 26 2015 19:55:01
Wade Thanks Franky. +1
Very nice melody, Wade!+1
November 26 2015 19:56:50
Wade That mighty fine of you to say...especially since I consider you one of the best melodic composers here. +1
awesome, so inspiring ;)+1
November 26 2015 19:57:31
Wade Ah kind of you! +0
Hey wade thanks for joining! really cool add, what a treat after a bad day, thank you Wade for making me smile with these wonderful lines of soul! :))+1
November 26 2015 20:05:30
Wade Can assure you it was a selfish thing on my part. I just love this track. Great that you're OK with this and even more so if it made you smile after a shit of a day. +1
ah yeah! That's real cool man! :)+1
November 26 2015 20:07:19
Wade Thanks Marceys! Such a great track from Frenzie. +1

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