Thankful Misgivings

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I loved this track! Great work from everyone! Wanted to make something in between family gatherings while I had time to enjoy my day off. Happy Thanksgiving!


June 15 2016 23:42:19
This is way cool..!

June 06 2016 23:01:58
francisco alfrancisco al
bonito trabalho legal
+1 June 07 2016 00:52:18 francisco al Haffast
Thank you VERY much! :D
April 16 2016 02:15:29
One of the things I dig about your playing is your tasteful use of the harmonizer. And it's kind of your trade mark thing. I'd know your playing if I hear it anywhere.
+1 April 16 2016 02:20:01 Acousticeg Haffast
Thanks man! Aside from the fact that I think harmonies sound gorgeous, I like them because it makes me play deliberately.

Just about everything I ever play is improvised and I might never be able to play it again.

That doesn't work with harmonies. If it's not right, it sounds bad.... ;)

Makes me have to try harder and play better.
December 19 2015 16:51:37
It's been a while... I really love this Haffast style of multiple guitar sounds! So good!
+2 December 19 2015 16:54:52 Liesching Haffast
Thank you! Monday has typically been my recording day - my day off.

I took a second job on that day that paid too well to pass up. Makes it tough to be on here like I'd like to.

But I'll try... :-)
December 04 2015 05:37:57
+1 December 04 2015 05:45:01 Relativity Haffast
Thank you SO much!
November 29 2015 18:50:48
i like your style and stuff...great,dude :)
+1 November 29 2015 19:00:51 rockdevil Haffast
Thank you very much! I thought I'd try something a little less "metal" and it had gotten far better reviews than most of my tracks.

Maybe I should take the hint? ;) ha ha!
November 27 2015 23:15:34
Beautiful melody and playing Haff... don't need to always play fast to be a great jam... but I have a feeling you already knew that :)
+1 November 27 2015 23:18:57 Psycho Haffast
Thanks man! I'd like to think I'm trying to use speed to over-compensate for not being great. ;)
November 27 2015 23:22:47 Psycho Psycho
Ah, you can think that, but it's not true. Just listen to what you created !!!!
November 27 2015 23:42:06 Psycho Haffast
It's more melodic than most of my stuff, for sure. Just not a lot of finesse because I don't have that fine, smooth talent. In my opinion.:)

But thanks!
November 27 2015 11:55:55
Aaron, way to go! Nice melody, harmonies, and playing all around. You found the perfect combination of notes to accompany this template. :) Well done. Good form!
+1 November 27 2015 15:29:01 KellsBells Haffast
Aww... Thanks Kelly! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!

I've gotten a lot of great feedback on this one. And, while I do think the cleaner intro is pretty in some parts, I guess it reminds me that what I LOVE about guitar music is the reason why all of our friends play guitar, but I'm about the ONLY one remotely into the stuff I'm into... :)

There wasn't single part in this where I just played as fast as I can. Almost felt like a missed opportunity to me... ;)
November 27 2015 07:50:56
Nice one Haff. Dig the twin work.
+1 November 27 2015 15:25:23 FrankieJ Haffast
Thanks Frankie! It's about the ONLY way I feel like I'm not such a hack. Hahaha!

If it weren't for harmonies (even if they are really simple ones), then I'd never have to be able to play anything more than once.
November 27 2015 05:58:33
Gorgeous, super cool mix/tune !
Well done H ;)

+1 November 27 2015 15:23:51 nuno1959 Haffast
Thanks Nuno! That's wonderful that you liked it! A very big thank you!

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