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A live jam with Gerhard. Rhythm is completely off, but somehow works. Add anything.


December 12 2015 18:22:57
AnneCozean i really like to hear Gerhard in all his unique glory with you and then i really like to hear YOU in all of yours, Wade. together, you are quite the Unique Team.
this "minimal" arrangement is the epitome of same - wonderful! the opening measures are captivating - splendid blend of G's slow, deliberately paced assortment of chord cousins, and your sky high easy as pie counterpart. :37 - :52 oh so divine.
1:02 - lovely! 1:39 OH! excellent ending. i LOVE the creations you 2 make. thank you both so much.
December 12 2015 19:21:56
Wade Ah Anne, you're talking to me again. I've missed you. Such kind things you say! Yes Gerhard is a totally unique character with his own way of playing. I like the description of "minimal arrangement"...hard to arrange anything when you start with nothing. Fairly typical. I have lots more of these and will start sorting out some soon. All are based on just whatever Mr G. starts playing and wherever he goes. My job is to try and anticipate and watch his hands for those abundant surprises. +1
December 12 2015 19:32:28
AnneCozean it appears my vow of silence is over....:) I've missed you, too, Wade! +1
December 12 2015 20:02:01
Wade Hugs and kisses across the world. +0
December 12 2015 20:03:24
AnneCozean why thank you, Good Man. i'll not be saying no to those. :) +1
November 30 2015 08:24:49
frankyguitar What a nice jam!! Like it very much Wade! :)+1
November 30 2015 20:16:53
Wade Thanks franky. Seems that there is something people get about this. I guess cause it's raw, and most can relate to just wandering around musically until you find something...Gerhard's happy accident. +1
November 30 2015 22:16:57
frankyguitar Well, me seems that the loopies it find very good! Gerhard- has he German roots? Because it is a German first name .... I'm only curious :) , sorry...... +0
December 01 2015 03:58:22
Wade Gerhard is definitely from Germany. Has been living in New Zealand for around 30 years. He sings (usually in German), but I haven't been able to get him to sing for wikiloops yet. He does some wonderfully crazy stuff. He is a member and you could send him a message and see if you can get him to post some of his "songs". I think he'll respond if thought there was a German speaking audience that was interested.
Warnung! Seine Texte sind reißerische und er verrückt ist.
December 01 2015 04:58:11
frankyguitar This sounds crazy to me, I think I will try it! :) +0
November 30 2015 07:29:58
Tofzegrit Nice couple of musicians inside! Happy accident is just what synergies could deserves!+1
November 30 2015 20:13:25
Wade Nice couple of musicians? I'm old and cranky, and Gerhard is NUTS! It's all a happy accident until you play with us...then it's a pain in the ass.

P.S. Glad you like...thanks.
November 30 2015 22:13:30
Tofzegrit And I had chosen the word "duet" instead of couple ? That would better :D +1
December 01 2015 04:04:34
Wade No better....he's still crazy and I'm still old and cranky. It's all smiles...and the occasional swear word (or two). Only a few tears over the years. We are definitely not a couple...and there is no offense taken. Both secure and happy sharing what we can musically. +1
November 29 2015 22:59:55
FrankieJ Sweet.+1
November 30 2015 20:11:10
Wade Thanks FrankieJ. Appreciate the listen and comment. +0
November 29 2015 11:18:25
GlezBass Ohhh very good sound and jam+1
November 29 2015 20:59:33
Wade Thanks for the listen and comment. Maybe a few well placed bass notes from you? +1
November 29 2015 21:01:44
GlezBass Of course... +2
November 29 2015 22:56:01
Wade Now listened to...and done so well. Thanks. +1
November 28 2015 17:07:18
frenzie Sounds in sync to me wonderful tone master! :) the ending is a stroke of genius :)+1
November 28 2015 21:01:02
Wade It's an illusion! Gerhard is the most difficult guitarist (in terms of form/consistency) I've ever played with. A real challenge that helped me become a better listener/jammer. I watch his hands continually as there is no consistency. The everything what Gerhard calls a "Happy Accident". +0
November 28 2015 21:43:28
frenzie In that case chapeau for staying in line and the happy accident is a little gift for both of us then! :) +2
November 28 2015 11:39:23
Phénol Sleepy jam that's all a Koala need :)
Well done Wade.. i relly like it
0:38 wake me up !
November 28 2015 20:56:32
Wade Thanks Phenol. I had no idea what would come out of this (as with most jams with Gerhard). Just start at one point, and (if we are lucky) stop together. +0
November 28 2015 11:15:17
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler very good:)+1
November 28 2015 20:53:51
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny, always appreciate your listens and comment. +1
November 27 2015 22:24:58
Psycho Very pretty playing guys... you do make a great duo !! :)+1
November 28 2015 20:51:07
Wade Thanks Psycho. We've played together for over ten years, so I know to expect the unexpected. He's the most difficult guitarist (in terms of form/consistency) I've ever played with. He's also very creative...and NUTS! +1
November 28 2015 21:09:20
Psycho Nuts can sometimes be an asset :) +1
November 30 2015 20:29:28
Wade Nuts ARE an asset to raisins. +1
November 27 2015 22:17:25
aleonz It's work very well to my ears, that slide notes just give me chill, something about this really lovely calm track, you two really understand each other...and it show in this track...+1
November 28 2015 20:47:50
Wade Thanks Alice. I can assure you the conversation is mostly one way. Gerhard is always a challenge to play with, especially when we just start out playing with nothing in our heads. +0
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