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Phased sax over Balfo's fine template...adds welcome...choose da blues!


how graceful your sax step into the track at the beginning, the first time to hear you play with this sound, it give a very cool night train ride, wonderful Wade!+2
November 29 2015 21:11:37
Wade Thanks Alice. It's a sound I've used several times in the past, but (obviously) needs to be used sparingly. Not something you'd want to hear all the time. +0
So cool when you venture outside the norm. :)
Given this a cool blues/jazz element !! :)
November 28 2015 21:02:45
Wade Hey Rob. Glad you like...see I can do different! +1
ooh now this is different Wade , it works though..good energy..like a train travelling down the tracks :)+1
November 28 2015 21:04:15
Wade That rhythmic drone from Balfo just gives so many opportunities. Glad you like. +0
Wow!!! Awesome sound and play bro:)+1
November 28 2015 21:05:15
Lenny Cowler
Wade Opportunity here for some drums? Cheers man. +1
You've stepped into the blues zone.. Wow, that's a trademark with the sax that is unmatched..+1
November 28 2015 21:26:57
Wade Thanks Ronjae. Have actually done several other tracks here with effects: 33590, 38372, 34699 (and a few others). Easy to overdo, so it's just an occasional thing. +0
awesome !!!!!!!+1
November 28 2015 21:27:37
Wade So good of you to listen and comment. Cheers AKchen. +1
Reminds me when I stuck my tractor and trailer full of logs in a swamp. What I was saying then is absolutely like your sax on that music...+1
November 28 2015 21:28:48
Wade Really not sure how to take that. I guess the language was "blue"? Cheers. +0
Cool add+1
November 28 2015 21:29:04
Wade Thanks Frank. Appreciated. +0
This is the best Phase I think you have done...meshes well :)+1
November 28 2015 21:30:03
Wade Thanks Mark. The phase is very slow and matches up with the rhythm fairly well. Possibly a little more dramatic? +1
Very cool... I don't think I've heard you play a phased sax yet... sweet sounds :)+1
November 28 2015 22:03:02
Wade Hey Psycho! Have done it several times and a few other effects as well. Check out 33590 and 34699. Not something I do all the time. +0

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