One More Time

Remix step #3


aleonz435 jams
Remix step #4 (playing)

Drums & Bass & Guitar:

Tofzegrit1013 jams Supporter
+ 17
Here is my adaptation for this song
It's a mix with new adds from Marc & Alice and my previous work on this tune (not on WL).
Pleasure to share more than upload a performance: A lead, a bass and the drums played in the template but with another kit

Of course the track is still open for add on the other parts of the mix tree, I really wish hearing something else.

Thanks you again Alice and Marc


November 28 2015 21:42:01
WadeWade Very slick and sounds complete to me. Very well done.

November 28 2015 02:58:12
cody trippcody tripp BRILLIANT !!

November 27 2015 23:00:24
frenziefrenzie Great job! Have not compared it to the previous version but this sounds pretty slick and finished Chris :)
in respect of the drumdiscussion EZ sounds stil pretty impressive Tof! Of course dynamics of a real drummer are hard to beat :)

+2 November 28 2015 00:09:02 frenzieTofzegrit
Merci Frenzie !
You could not compare because it was an already recorded song from my own "old" stuff :)
November 27 2015 22:29:26
aleonzaleonz you wrapped up this package Tof! cool remix ! looking forward to see the tree grows :)
+1 November 27 2015 22:34:33 aleonzTofzegrit
Merci Angel Al'
I've spent a nice afternoon and as I had not specific feeling for playing... Mixing, Test, re test...
I could not resist sharing this here too :)
November 27 2015 22:20:40
PsychoPsycho You very good at taking previous work and incorporating it to new tracks... bravo Sir Tof !!
+1 November 28 2015 00:07:42 PsychoTofzegrit
And this one was not a previous wikimix :)
Merci Psy
November 27 2015 21:59:34
AKchenAKchen so round and wonderful ...
+1 November 28 2015 00:07:18 AKchenTofzegrit
Merci Andrea :)
November 27 2015 21:50:24
AriahAriah Great job from everyone. Cool Groovin' Track
+1 November 28 2015 00:07:01 AriahTofzegrit
Hey Ariah! Thanks for the listening and your kind comment
November 27 2015 21:41:21
ivaxivax beautiful!!! Tofz great guitar,fantastic all the band
+1 November 28 2015 00:06:20 ivaxTofzegrit
Merci Xavi
November 27 2015 21:40:30
MarceysMarceys Hey Tof, you added a lot here! The EZ drums are always doing a fine job although I must admit I appreciate real drums a vit more.... Your bass is grooving, some notes are different than I was hearing but that's ride Tof!
+1 November 27 2015 22:29:17 MarceysTofzegrit
Thanks my friend, I prefer true drums too but I've got no Martin in the Drawer!!
Yes about the bass over your chords because I did not play anything new to add here only insert the existing previous bass recorded, also for the "lead" guitar (just some fex edit)

It was just a enjoyment to mix and spend some time with Al' & you this afternoon .

Be sure it's not closed, I'm sure there will be more adds to come to have another taste and direction with this so cool song!
Cheers :)
November 28 2015 00:23:49 MarceysMarceys
Aha, you didn't play it over this track...... Now I see!
November 28 2015 00:33:08 MarceysTofzegrit
Affecting relationship with my already done music: Keeping alive with ideas from other creative spirits;)🎶
November 27 2015 21:30:22
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)
+1 November 27 2015 22:42:51 Lenny CowlerTofzegrit
Need Real Drums :)
merci Lenny

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