Beautiful Saviour

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Got that "love at the first sounds" with this song from Kenny, and Marc just added his beautiful touch on this ...and how can I resist :) thank you for sharing this beautiful music so lucky to found your music guys!


April 08 2017 20:39:06
Beautiful song. :)
+1 April 09 2017 05:14:58 AndersAxel aleonz
Just listened to your sweet bass line, thank you so much Anders!
March 03 2017 17:33:09
Fantastic song Alice. Really a "make my day happy and bright" song. Love it. :)
+1 March 04 2017 00:55:35 Peterpingo aleonz
Thank you so much Peter! just listened to your wonderful bass..makes me so happy
March 04 2017 01:00:33 Peterpingo Peterpingo
THX Again. :)
November 08 2016 15:02:38 via wikiloops radio
cool song guys :)

September 11 2016 07:36:03
Very cool.

June 12 2016 14:03:11
Russ BurkeRuss Burke
Of course without Kenny there would be no inspiration, Beautiful playing. A real artist!
+1 June 13 2016 23:59:48 Russ Burke aleonz
Kenny is one of my guitar hero, and I agree with you he never failed to bring so much inspiration for us here :)
June 12 2016 00:03:43
Russ BurkeRuss Burke
I accidentally ran across this site and heard several remixes that were wonderful. I then found this Bosa track with the most beautiful voice I have heard in a long time. Perfect for Bosa Nova, AHHH ALEONS,, Magnificent
+1 June 13 2016 23:59:00 Russ Burke aleonz
Hi Russ! so glad you found me and this track, thank you for your very kind words, that's means a lot, hope to hear you playing in loops :)
December 23 2015 06:32:06
Super aleonz!;)
+1 June 14 2016 00:08:14 akethesnaker aleonz
Thank you Ake
December 22 2015 18:58:57
Wonderfull Alice..:)
+1 June 14 2016 00:08:06 TEE-KWA aleonz
Thank you Tee
December 19 2015 08:02:01
So very lovely light pop song. You really can sing anything in such a great way. It always feels right and just works. Outstanding, you are, Alice!
+1 June 14 2016 00:07:58 pkliesch aleonz
I missed this Patrick! thank youuuu
December 19 2015 00:29:27
Very nice! I picked up Marc's version and I'm tempted again it doesn't fit one on one so a new version is coming.
+1 June 14 2016 00:07:29 Fivestringer aleonz
Thank you FS

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