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I do not usually do percussion parts, but wanted to create a bellydance song and could not find a rhythm track to suit. Starting with a simple Egyptian pattern which was looped to provide the entrainment base I added four Doumbec and two Riq parts. In addition to the Middle Eastern, one may also notice elements of Flamenco, Jazz, and a particularly strong North Indian influence in this piece. The full jam was over 12 min, but had to cut a bit and convert to 192, due to file size limitations. If this works for you in any way feel free to chop and sample as you like. Personally, I keep imagining a Beyonce or Rihanna type vocal working with this, assuming the right cut and bass part. - Mental update: Shakira all the way -- Now, waiting for my new Oud strings to arrive. :) -M


December 07 2015 15:47:57
KellsBellsKellsBells This is hypnotizing and enchanting...very satisfying sounds in this trance inducing mosaic of rhythm. There is movement in these beats. :)

November 30 2015 06:02:27
AKchenAKchen supergreat

November 30 2015 01:47:41
nuno1959nuno1959 VERY cool Midoru, love it !!
+1 November 30 2015 17:33:42 nuno1959Midoru
Thanks so much, nuno !!
November 29 2015 20:01:57
aleonzaleonz Great track with a eastern flavor ! very cool Midoru!

November 29 2015 13:20:06
bhunt1bhunt1 this is amazing - complex and subtle - wonderful!
+1 November 29 2015 15:54:49 bhunt1Midoru
Thank you so very much for the compliment - most appreciated!
November 29 2015 11:15:02
ShiShi oooooh so appealing Midoru, love it :)
+1 November 29 2015 15:42:25 ShiMidoru
Thanks so much, Shi - very glad you enjoyed :)
November 29 2015 10:13:33
frenziefrenzie Your mind is so analytical and you know your theories,did you go to music school? an impressive piece of rhythmic work here Mido! Sounds great! Nice recording and mixing as well :) and I can see the belly dancers moving on this one! ;)
+1 November 29 2015 16:12:29 frenzieMidoru
Thank you frenzie. Do not plan my parts beforehand - just try to fall into a sort of trance and allow my subconscious to do the work - would be very difficult to plan all this out. Yes, I trained much in my youth, so can technically analyze what has been created after the fact - though, I am often surprised, myself. Oh, by the way, have synced to bellydance video and it fits very well - cool :)
November 29 2015 08:16:27
josepssvjosepssv I like world rhythms. We need this
+1 November 29 2015 15:41:27 josepssvMidoru
Glad you enjoyed, Jose - appreciate the listen!
November 29 2015 07:05:29
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantastic:)
+1 November 29 2015 15:39:49 Lenny CowlerMidoru
Thanks, Lenny :)
November 29 2015 03:30:42
HaffastHaffast Hypnotic! This could turn into something magical with the right input. Already sounds fantastic!
+1 November 29 2015 15:39:27 HaffastMidoru
Thank you very much, Haff :)

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