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Pedersen35 jams
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Another drum i just mashed together with my new samples. i'm loving it so far! Thanks for the killer track Reaper! you're a legend!

Not much so say about it, it needs bass, it needs some badass vocals =) i hope everyone is pleased!

NB: It's not real drums, it's me fiddling on the drum machine =) and ofc. there's a HQ .wav file for you to download if you want it to.

and of course, if you think anything is missing, feel free to tell me. or even if you think any drum is too loud or too weak, tell me so i know in the future! i love feed back.

Also, if you wan't me to upload just the drums alone, just pm me and i will do so.


November 29 2015 14:44:50
Yeah!!!!You Pedersen has a special touch with... large Metal
+1 November 29 2015 14:49:09 ivax Pedersen
Haha, im glad you like it man! \m/ rock on
November 29 2015 07:39:18
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good :)

November 29 2015 04:42:47
Man those drums are fucking awesome, you definitely captured the feel of the song (or as my girlfriend just said 'you banged the right drum')
+1 November 29 2015 04:58:56 Reaper421 Pedersen
Glad you like it Reaper! Now get jamming, i need more from you mate! \m/ :)
November 29 2015 05:00:24 Reaper421 Pedersen
Any chance you still have the recordings of #32798 laying around without the drums? - i love it lol.
November 29 2015 02:47:13
I have to to give credit where it's due here. This is some very, very good drum programming. I know the kick drums are [nearly] impossible but 10/10 for programming. This is great stuff, Pedersen.
+2 November 29 2015 02:49:42 mpointon Pedersen
What an amazing comment from a great drummer like you! seriously, thank you!

- If i may ask, what makes them so good? from the point of a drummer ofc.
November 29 2015 02:51:35 mpointon mpointon
It's good because it's musical. You've programmed patterns which fit an work. You've brought energy and tempo to the piece - you bring it up, and then down again. Impossible for us mortals or not, this is the work of a musical ear. And that is why it works.
November 29 2015 02:52:49 mpointon Pedersen
uh man, you're giving me them chills. appriciated!

Thank you.
November 29 2015 00:55:46


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