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Einmal mehr ein riesen Dankeschön an Balfo für das geile Template ;o)

This Track is Part of the BLUES BUDDIES Album „Bluescreme“



December 04 2015 18:08:51
cody trippcody tripp Killer Awesome !!
+1 December 13 2015 11:47:49 cody trippUloisius
Thank you Tom, a thumb and a praise from you means a lot for me ;o)
December 04 2015 15:19:27
BalfoBalfo Lieber Ulo, vielen Dank...ein wunderbarer Text, ***** Gesang!
+1 December 13 2015 11:46:20 BalfoUloisius
Freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt Buddie, ich glaube dieser Song gehört zu meinen Favoriten ;o)
November 30 2015 06:12:00
AKchenAKchen STARK!!
+1 December 13 2015 11:45:35 AKchenUloisius
Danke dir ;o)
November 29 2015 23:59:43
nuno1959nuno1959 Fine song & right between the eyes !
Not wanting to ''politicise'' but.. it seems there's always public money to save private banks & large companies that failed thanks to their own delusional management, etc.. but there's never public money to lend a hand to those fallen into hard times by whatever circumstances, often beyond their control..

+1 December 13 2015 11:45:10 nuno1959Uloisius
Yes Nuno, in the economy and in society, the homeless have no lobby. We have to draw attention to this problem again and again ...
November 29 2015 22:21:52
MarceysMarceys Yeah! Love this man! Real good!
+1 December 13 2015 11:39:00 MarceysUloisius
Vielen, lieben Dank Marc ;o)
November 29 2015 21:09:05
TG_StratTG_Strat Einer deiner besten Ulo!!!
+1 December 13 2015 11:38:12 TG_StratUloisius
Ich danke dir und freue mich das es dir gefällt TG ;o)
November 29 2015 21:03:17
WadeWade Wow, this is real blues. At this time of year it's a painful reality that there are so many of our brothers and sisters out there doing it "rough".
+1 December 13 2015 11:35:55 WadeUloisius
I believe how you can recognize the true character of a society deals with the most vulnerable ...
November 29 2015 17:39:17
garymcmillgarymcmill Cool!
+1 December 13 2015 11:33:05 garymcmillUloisius
Thank you very much gary ;o)
November 29 2015 17:29:33
PsychoPsycho Superb job my friend :)
+1 December 13 2015 11:31:42 PsychoUloisius
Thank you so much my friend ;o)
November 29 2015 17:23:35
aleonzaleonz When I hear Balfo posted this song, somehow I can hear you sing Ulo, I think you will be the perfect one to sing this heartfelt bluesy track, and I'm not wrong! you , your wonderful voice, and your lyrics nailed this one gently!
+1 December 13 2015 11:30:40 aleonzUloisius
Such a great compliment from such a gifted singer like you Alice, this is a great honor for me ;o)

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