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A kind of new start today. Redesigned my kit into a 5-piece layout (8", 10" and 16" tom toms), a different resonant head on the kick drum (it's significantly deeper-sounding now) plus new overhead mic positions to try and get a bit more ambience to the kit. Also using my Yamaha mahogany snare (with heavy damping) instead of my trusty Ludwig 400.

Anyway, the backlog of tunes I want to do is getting enormous. So this is one of only two I managed to get done today. I'm in a bit of a musical rut at the moment so I'm resorting to loops where I'm at my most comfortable: grooving.

This track from Alice, Tof and Marc is a classic of their very high standards. Went for a sort of 'funky drummer' approach.


No reverb on HD drums. Please also note my HD stem won't quite line up with the master as it didn't line up in my DAW. It's about 20ms out.


March 09 2016 11:31:54
JeebsieJeebsie This is perfect playing Martin, straight away I've got ideas flowing through my mind!:)

December 01 2015 13:43:45
JazzyJazzy ...good play - more Fans?!

November 30 2015 23:17:19
TofzegritTofzegrit I don't know why I did not see the remix in my news feed so... sorry and what a nice surprise !
So glad this one was in your "not in the list but do it first' list!
Merci Martin, good to hear your here with your pssh bodom bodom !! :)

November 30 2015 18:46:00
WadeWade Giving it the pop and bounce necessary. Well done. Nice set up and well recorded.

November 30 2015 10:50:29
bassapbassap perfect

November 29 2015 23:52:33
nuno1959nuno1959 Superb drumming Martin & definitely a superb tune !!
Am digging this new drum sound of yours ! Very nice.. ;)

November 29 2015 23:19:54
ivaxivax Great Martin

November 29 2015 22:55:08
FrankieJFrankieJ Excellent!!

November 29 2015 20:53:28
tron12tron12 yeh martin very strong playing indeed so cool

November 29 2015 18:46:17
MarceysMarceys So glad to hear you again Martin! You new setup sounds real good, the deepness of the kick is cool and is begging for a bassplayer now! Thanks for your groove man! :)

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