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Got a little doubt with the vocal idea for nadeem cool tracks, but Marc key's wiped it all, and I thought why not, and just give it a go, and let the fun begin (what am I talking? i don't know)...

well i hope it's not to bad...sorry for the "just the way it is lyrics" no poetic stuff here...
(when I hear this song , I got the idea about how the teenage girl will say to the boy who messed with them in their puberty)


November 17 2016 13:14:11
Hi Alice, I have listened to a lot of your song, I must say that this one is one I really like. I am not talking about the lyrics, I was just listening to the "instrumnet" and the delivery, and this one is different to your other songs, and I like it a lot :)
+1 November 24 2016 19:26:46 TeeGee aleonz
Hi TG! thank you so much, I'm glad you found this song, and thank you for your kind words :)
August 17 2016 11:29:03
Russ BurkeRuss Burke
What a lovely progression of talent. Each of you adding just what is correct for that moment. Then there is Alice who can round out a square box. You can hear melodic magic in every breath life gives you. Love you all!

July 07 2016 17:57:07
great Alice!

February 10 2016 17:07:35
Fantastic Alice

February 10 2016 04:17:56
Great job on this aleonz, I love mellow tunes on here with out drums, I'm all over it. ;)

December 04 2015 03:52:45
francisco alfrancisco al
com todo respeito: voz amorosa em uma linda canção
+1 December 04 2015 06:53:23 francisco al aleonz
Muito obrigado pela atenção Fransisco :)
December 02 2015 19:56:06
Like a fresh breeze. This has an innocence that is very appealing. Thanks.
+1 December 03 2015 13:59:02 Wade aleonz
Thank you very much Wade, this song brig my teenage memory back for while :)
December 02 2015 19:46:49
Germany is so far away from you, but your feelings in this song are so near to me. Very nice, Alice:)
+1 December 03 2015 13:58:24 BassCook aleonz
what a sweet words Holger..thank you very much
December 02 2015 16:44:13
I like the honost lyrics Alice, nice hook on the next time, cool tune Alice
good solo from our keymaster :)

+1 December 03 2015 13:57:44 frenzie aleonz
Thank you so much Frenzie
December 02 2015 14:40:15
Beautiful. Alice, you are a great songwriter!
+1 December 03 2015 13:57:12 SlonMusic aleonz
Thank you Steve! and so are you!
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