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nuno1959549 jams Supporter
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Another fooling around, this time a patch i got to sound ALMOST like a Wah Wah but it's just pitch shifting + delay & a filter
As all my later uploads it still needs further tweaking because there's just too much effect ( wet/dry mix.. ) & it tails off a bit too long as well ( feedback.. )
But, for the time being i'm still feeling my way around & am literally hypnotised by the flexibility & capabilities of these pedals - they sound absolutely AWESOME through my combo !! I hope you have fun !!
I know i did… ;)


December 05 2015 21:19:33
Yep, another download...No idea what to add, but want it anyway. Sooooo kooool.
+1 December 06 2015 02:20:26 Wade nuno1959
Eh, eh, eh… That's the spirit !! ;)
When i first made this patch, i went crazy & spent almost a couple of hours doodling away….
December 06 2015 05:09:47 Wade Wade
Boy, hope I don't wind up doodling for two hours on it!!
December 05 2015 07:40:31
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
awesome bro:)
+1 December 05 2015 14:06:59 Lenny Cowler nuno1959
Thanks Lenny !!
How are my nephews ( the funky gekos.. ) doing ? ;)
December 04 2015 16:26:48
This is not "fooling around", this is a wonderful template Nuno!
+1 December 04 2015 18:55:40 Balfo nuno1959
Eh, eh, eh… Thanks Balfo, much appreciated my friend !!
December 04 2015 12:59:23
Nice tones and playing mate very original
+1 December 04 2015 13:42:49 onewholeft nuno1959
Thanks Lairdy, appreciated.. ;)
& are you feeling better, did they at LEAST give you decent enough drugs ??
Last time i was in hospital they had this pain killer it was almost worth getting injured for…… :D :D
December 04 2015 11:54:18
I Quote what Martin said, and so happy to find your unique music, it's sounds so you and it's so cool Nuno!
+1 December 04 2015 13:41:02 aleonz nuno1959
Thank you so much Alice, very glad you have fun listening - for sure !! ;)
December 04 2015 11:00:20
Awesome nuno! I Love These Sound from your bass!! And always you have so Great ideas for it! :)
+1 December 04 2015 13:17:57 frankyguitar nuno1959
Thanks Franky ! I try, i try.. ;)
December 04 2015 05:09:05
Nuno, They do sound very awesome! Havent heard you in awhile. Hope is well, and good your back (or I may have just missed you).
+1 December 04 2015 06:01:00 Relativity nuno1959
Hi Rel, thank you so much !
It's true, i haven't been around for almost a month : a bit too much work & a few older Mum health hick-ups but all seems to be stabilising now so.. it's getting better ;)
December 04 2015 06:30:38 Relativity Relativity
I wasnt around alot either. Hope mum is okay. Glad you are back!
December 04 2015 07:57:59 Relativity nuno1959
Yes now she's doing fine & it feels good to be back ;)
December 04 2015 04:43:34
Some great sounds here!
+1 December 04 2015 05:55:30 Midoru nuno1959
Tell me about it, i played w/ this & fiddled w/ settings for about an hour something, almost two !!.. ;)
Good fun how the effect responds to your picking dynamics - gives it a responsive, almost organic feel
December 04 2015 18:06:59 Midoru Midoru
Yes, indeed - good work, my friend!
December 04 2015 04:26:17
Another playing that would make any music feel old. Really awesome playing my friend!
+1 December 04 2015 05:50:51 kennyadry nuno1959
Thanks Kenny, much appreciated my friend !
A couple of bumps but.. overall i like it too.. ;)
December 04 2015 04:20:36
cody trippcody tripp
This is killer !!
+1 December 04 2015 05:49:43 cody tripp nuno1959
Thanks Cody !!

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