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Very cool , but a tad back on the reverb recording wise. The flute especially played by you, is such a beautiful sound. More air sound with a slight pinch of reverb just enough to give it "space" in the mix. I listen to native flute music but reverb gets slightly overdone. In this song the guitar already has it so you want to counter it. The playing is beautiful. Just a technical suggestion as its gorgeous music.+2
December 06 2015 05:00:43
HiFiFlutes Thank you ! I need to learn all I can. It's folks like you who help me do it ! thx a lot! +1
December 06 2015 05:04:42
LeftTheLoops9-18 Just a suggestion. The playing is phenomenal. Reverb is very easy to overdose on. Look forward to more! +0
Fits nicely!+1
So.. here's the story...

Three months ago I intended to create a flute for my nephew's birthday gift, which I did do. I live in a well wooded area in the midwest. old forest, thick. etc... anyway, I was standing at the door of my workshop/shed next to my chainsaw fixin to go find some fine wood for my project. as I stood there, pondering as to which way to go. in indecision, still pondering, kinda smelling the air. like now hurry no worrie ish. I was looking to the north and before I took my first step.... a gigantic tree fell in the woods not 200 feet from where I stood. Crashing though the forest canopy on it war down, crashing, smashing, rather impressive mass of a tree. The ash tree had been dead for maybe 20 years. I am not kidding. I believe a higher power pushed it over for me at the exact right moment. unbelievable I know. But true. the flute in my banner pic is the same tree wood. I have made two fluted from this tree, my nephews and my own. God's gift to me. I will never think or believe as I had before this incident. My favorite flute for many reasons. that's my story ! Chris
It takes me to another place in time.+0
So COOL !!!+0

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